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7 Tips to avoid being tricked into Online shopping (Online Shopping)

In an age with this modern technology, it’s already an awful lot of sophisticated technology that can help people to facilitate its activities, including one is shopping. At present, no need to bother going to the store to buy an item, simply by internet can shop. This activity is known as online shopping or online shopping. Online shopping is very helpful, certainly a lot of people to make it easier to get the goods they want.


But unfortunately, along with the rise of online shopping, the mode-this mode of crime also joined growing, as we already know is a fraud online shopping. Scams through online shopping is also very popular in the era of modernization. I also never once cheated on online shopping, but fortunately I’m not really a loss aka Rp. 100,000. For that, so not much more that I like, I tips so that you do not be fooled when shopping online or online shopping:

1. a trusted Website
Before you start shopping online, you have to find out in advance where a trusted commerce website (minimal fraudsters). You could be searching on the internet about the sale and who’ve trusted website and find information also about the people who never shop at the website.

2. avoid price Too Lopsided
Don’t be too tempted by the price too wonky or cheap, because the price is too cheap that ought to be suspected. Because the price is definitely in accordance with quality, and probably not a seller selling goods too cheap, because obviously it would be detrimental to them, unless the seller it is a con.

3. Identify the product
If you want to buy a product, you should browse it first about the product you want to buy, so you better get to know about the product and what it wrote that included such products if you buy it (completeness). In addition, so that you can match the right products sold are appropriate or not (price, product photos, completeness) with the supplied ad sellers.

4. COD (Cash On Demand)
An abbreviation often used the Kaskuser when a buyer wants to meet with the seller. So this is the COD tranksaksi activities directly somewhere between buyers and sellers. This way is the safest way not so ketipu when shopping online. If a seller can not or do not want to be invited to COD, then you ought to be suspicious if the seller is a con.

5. Rekber (shared account)
Rekber is one of the services as intermediary buyers and sellers. So with the presence of rekber, acts of fraud can be minimised. Because of the presence of rekber, money transferred will be detained by the rekber, so not directly up to the seller until the goods we buy are accepted. Therefore, we recommend that you use rekber to perform online transactions, but also seek the services of a trusted rekber.

6. Know the seller
Here there needs to be a little bit of skill kepo (knowing every particle things). Before buying a product, it’s good if we find out the origin of the seller. How stuff , its Web site, testimonialnya, reputation etc. Especially if the seller is still a newbie or that there has not been a reputation/testimonials, you should be more careful, because the information must be very hard to search for.

7. save the proof of payment, Email and SMS
Instead, after you perform a money transfer, proof of payment and the simpalan email and SMS between you and the seller. So, if there is something that is not desired (cheated), then you can provide the evidence to law enforcement authorities (police) to deal with the problem.

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