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Design Minimalist Teak Dining Table Newest

In the interior components of the house, the dining table is an important component for completeness minimalist dream house. For the theme of the concept of a minimalist home, the choice of form and type of dining table diverse alternatives ranging from minimalist dining table from teak. glass, marble until such unique folding dining table can be chosen. In this time of teak dining table into our discussion this time. Why choose teak dining table becomes the main ingredient, because teak wood is known for durability and long-lasting, besides teak is also easy to come by in this Indonesian.

Dining Table 1

Many dining table minimalist teak wood is cheap in the market, for saving budget money to make or buy a dining table teak you can find a dining table teak former or current booming namely dining table teak material Dutch identity that has the shape and color interesting and exotic. For those of you who love the old-fashioned dining table, you can find on your antique dining table by way of hunting into villages or gallery antiquarian. Why to the village, because many of the ancients who use teak wood as raw material for the furniture and interior of the house, in other words the durability of teak has become the primary choice at the time. For the latest price table of this type, depending on the level of quality and artistic value which normally would adapt, in terms of price.

If you have a high artistic soul, you can choose formations carved teak dining table that can be found in the central areas of carving Jepara or more of course the price is a little expensive. For those of you who are currently looking for inspiration for your home minimalist dining table, we’ll be giving out some drawings and model design ideas from teak dining table and teak belandayang may interest you. For brevity please refer to some models and shape of the table of teak latest.

Dining Table 2

Dining Table 3

That is some figure models teak dining table that you can apply in your dining room. To enrich the discussion on this teak wood dining table, it helps you also read my article on Minimalist Dining Table Model Option of wood as an alternative. Thank you for your visit.

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