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Easy Online Shopping Through DOKU Wallet Virtual Wallet

The increasing number of Internet users in Indonesia have an effect to the increasing number of people who do online shopping. Sometimes doing online shopping requires a credit card as a means of payment. However, now it is much easier and simpler with the presence DOKU Wallet.


DOKU Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows for users to shop online easily and securely simply by using a username and password.

Prospective users live access to, register and select the desired source of funds (account or credit card). After that the user will get the ID or password that can be used for shopping. And it’s all free without any cost.

Users DOKU Wallet is possible to make a payment by clicking the payment button located on merchant sites connected to the Internet during the time of day.

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Hundreds of merchants has been connected with the service’s Wallet DOKU in, Electronic Solution, The Harvest, First Media, Cheese Cake Factory and Sky Aviation. In fact, 8 out of 11 the airlines in Indonesia is already connected to DOKU Wallet to facilitate the purchase of tickets.

In order to facilitate the transaction, DOKU collaboration with BNI 46. However, DOKU Wallet is also easier for users other than the customer BNI in cooperation with Bank Mandiri, BCA, BRI, Jewel, and Citibank to transact.

To fill the balance, DOKU Wallet is also connected with about 40 thousand ATMs throughout Indonesia so that the charging or top-ups can be done from anywhere.

Users can top-up your balance to $ 5 million purse of any bank, such as BNI SMS Banking, ATM Banking, the bank in cooperation with Link and ATM Bersama.

In order to provide a sense of security to the user, DOKU Wallet impose a double verification system, both from the buyer and the seller in order to minimize the occurrence of fraud.

DOKU Wallet With this, it is expected that anyone can shop online without having to bother payments, especially for those who do not have a credit card.

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