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Tips to Build Wall Recent Clash of Clans

Wall including the most important part of the defense in the game Clash of Clans hack. Because in addition to its function as a barrier enemy forces as well as the foundation in building a base or strategy. Can dikata wall is the skeleton of a base or formation in this coc game play.

For that to build and develop this wall should not have been in vain. Because of these concerns with the durability of the village or base or formation you when your village is attacked another village. If you are weak or false wall in the compile, you’re going to hit the village address mugged every day.

Do not let it happen!

So here I will share tips on how to build a wall in the game Clash of Clans according to the latest version and my experience.

First I will discuss is how to create a wall Clash of Clans. Why? Because there are still my friends we are still new players do not understand how to build the wall. It can be seen as in the image below.
clash of clans town hall
Next is the tips to build wall Clash of Clans latest version of me that I took from my experience during play this game Clash of Clans. As the saying goes, “learn from experience, because experience is a good teacher” but it would be even better is if we could learn from the experience of others. We will save time and labor-saving because no one stepped up. Even if it’s just a game, but for gamers, the game is his life, the game is true, then it should not be messing around in game play.
If you’re new village, still TH 1, it was good wake up, the whole wall is available. Further

Upgrades continue until the wall level 3

Once the wall has been upgraded until level 3 upgrades wallnya first stop. Then you focus hallnya town upgrade step by step. Why stop first? Because the cost to build the wall higher than the earnings of gold and the elixir of your village. Unless you have lots of money to buy gems.

That pas you’ve upgraded to a town hall level 2, you wake up all the buildings that can be built or available for the town hall built in level 2. After all the building woke up, you upgrade all the buildings except the wall to the top level until mentok can not be upgraded again unless the condition of the town hall had to be upgraded again to level 3.

Well after the building can not be upgraded again, then again you upgrade your town hall was increased to level 3, you get up again all the buildings that can be built, and then you upgrade again until fixed. You’re already stuck hallnya town recently upgraded again to level 4 and so on
After the town hall you are level 7 or 8, you recently upgraded again all you walll straight wall until level 7 or 8 because you already a big village income at town hall level 7 or 8 and also upgrade wall can already use gold as well elixir. If fitting wall to level 6 under the wake wall can only use gold only.

biaya pembuatan wall coc

Total gold and elixir needed to build the wall coc

wall breaker

wall breaker level is required to break down every wall level

Before the upgrade until all the buildings in the town hall mentok you do not upgrade to level 9, because would be hard nyari robbery. Karna village rampokannya on poor-poor. Except if you can naikin thropi until 2000 thropi and leagues cristal (crystal league). But in this league crystal also very kuat2 his village. So if you’re not a strong force, just wrote you only dapet little loot. Okay that was tips to make wall Clash of Clans cheat gems according to the version of my experience.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes – this excellent game of action and adventure


Control of Marvel heroes in Lego version in this excellent game of action and adventure.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is everything you can expect fans of Marvel Heroes… and much more. The latest title “by parts” of Telltale Games is a hilarious game where a perfect union between the universe of comic books and figurines have been yellow.

The Avengers family grows

LEGO Marvel Super has an argument that you will sound: various villains of the Marvel Universe (Dr. Muerte, Dr. Octopus, Green Goblin, Venom, Loki…) have joined forces to put an end to world peace. Good luck to all the heroes of this and other planets also will go to one to beat them, demonstrating that the Avengers are many more than those who they saw in the Joss Whedon film.

Yes, Lego Marvel Super Heroes makes the roster of films based on comics will be short, very short, and are almost 150 characters which you can control. This includes the heroes of the most mythical as Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk, but also not as “heroic” characters as aunt May, Mary Jane or heroes who have not even appeared in films, such as Black Panther, Union Jack and Spider-Woman.

Some of these characters will be playable in missions mode of history, while others are only available in free mode, especially villains, because as we said, you’re going to place next to the faction led by Nick fury.

Adventures of construction and destruction

The main mode of Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the way history, well-known by the routine of the Lego games. In it you move in a closed scenarios – that Yes, very spacious – and must go forward in solving puzzles and killing enemies. If by the way, also, with this marvel champions hack you will be to collect parts and other objects extra you’ll get some other surprise.

Unlike other Lego games where, despite its low difficulty, you sometimes think a little to move forward, in Lego Marvel Super Heroes very clear things are left to you. The game tells you almost at all times what to do to move forward, either with text messages (“you need a character of great size to break this gate”) or with no discrete indicators such as Spider-Man spider sense.

Despite this simplicity, the game is very entertaining as each phase is very well designed with classic scenarios completely destruibles and resources to gain access to different areas.

Stresses, in addition to the classical repetition of levels (it that allows you to unlock areas with new characters) an open world where you can make small missions, or simply tour the city with your favorite characters.

Marvel heroes retain their essence

But the major success of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Traveller Tales how has managed to convey the essence of each character’s comic in the form of Lego doll. Each superpower of each character is very successful: are very similar to the ones as heroes of comics and, in turn, are very well adapted to the typical mechanical of these games.

For example: Hulk can transform Bruce Banner, and vice versa, and its destructive power is above the average; Spider-Man has several ways to use their webs; Black widow, as well as being skilled in combat is the “list” of equipment and which solves the puzzles…

Of course, all these powers are illustrated with a great sense of humor of Lego but that is respectful with the characteristics of each character of comics and films.

Note to the graphics engine of the Lego games over the years. What seemed spectacular for a few years now is limited to be showy. But perhaps more is needed in a game thinking for all ages?

The Marvel characters are not only well designed in terms of their powers, but his physical resemblance to the original is remarkable, those included in larger, in as the villains Galactus or sand man, offering some of the most spectacular moments of Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

It is also remarkable the recreation of New York, which acts as the backdrop for the world open. If you’ve walked through the city of skyscrapers will recognize some buildings and famous monuments, converted, is clear, the Lego aesthetic.

In the sound section has done a good job, both in one more than acceptable dubbing (although still making me thank you Lego games without bending…) as in a soundtrack that thrives on themes composed for various films from the Marvel factory.

A premier Fun

Traveller Tales has been doing: have you got a very popular franchise and he has managed to transform it to Lego resulting in a tremendously fun game.

Maybe Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a little challenging game, but his respect for Marvel, his great sense of humor and its variety of characters and levels become an entertainment ideal to play no matter what our age or our ability at the controls.

Clash Royale: the best combos of deck with the Hog Rider

Clash Royale with the Hog Rider

One of the most powerful deck in Clash Royale is undoubtedly the Hog Rider. Their ability to focus on damage to the rival Tower can be devastating if we know how to handle the troop to put into practice our strategy, although it is a troop falling easily before enemies. As it is better to go on the offensive, we propose today the best combo of deck with the Hog Rider as a central troop:

Hog Rider + goblins + spell of ice: 10 elixir. If we consider only the first two deck, we have a fairly inexpensive combination (6 elixir units) with a very high speed of movement and a good amount of damage. To make the combo virtually unstoppable, we can add the spell of ice when our opponent defense, so it will be paralyzed while our troops damaged the tower. The combo is super useful.

Hog Rider + goblins + Ray: 8 elixir. Based on the combo is the same as the previous, but the beam will cost us quite less than ice (2 units of elixir) and is also effective if you use this clash royale hack tool to save your troops of the rival defense. In any case, is a combo attraction by its cost, but slightly less efficient than the previous one.

Hog Rider + goblins barrel (+ spell): 8-12 elixir. The core of this combo is what we really want, since it allows to carry out a terrible offensive for the Tower of the opponent. We must put the Hog Rider in the sand, and calculate the moment just to throw the barrel to the Tower, so the Elves out and the Hog Rider begin to attack. All this will cost US 8 Elixir and will make many pupa to the Tower, although we can also top it with a spell of ice or lightning to maximize the damage of our troops. To taste.

Hog Rider + mini P.E.K.K.A + lightning): 10 elixir. Other two units that marry very well by their movement speed to reach the tower. We recommend to add the lightning spell because the Hog Rider makes direct target to the Tower, but mini Pekka is easily distracted with any troop, so will be only our adversary elixir 1 summon skeletons to divert your attention. With the dirt cheap lightning spell, we eliminate the inconvenience and retake the lethal combo of mini Pekka + Hog Rider.

Hog Rider + horde of minions: 9 elixirs. Another problem of the Hog Rider is falling with astonishing ease before troops as the barbarians or an own horde of minions. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to provide a mini Entourage capable of causing damage to the troops of reaction that our opponent invokes, and that mini Entourage is without a doubt the horde of minions. Be careful with consumption of elixir, since this combo will leave you shivering.

These combinations will be devastating for our opponent, but do not forget to go through the rest of our guides for basic tips, advanced to gain hints, errors which we must avoid, when to attack the Tower of the King, how to set up a deck and trick the advantage of elixir, as well as our guides to climb fast level, get much gold and make runs of victories get epic letters, get legendary deck get supermagics chests and get free gems scooping Clash Royale quickly and easily.

Moviestarplanet security for player and parent

MovieStarPlanet Tips for Parent

Movie star planet is a fun online environment where the children characters to create and interact with other players via chat. Some security concerns for players and parents can lead this open community. I have the players who have their accounts hacked and was brought in contact with parents who are up to the safety of their children. Here, I’ll cover some safety tips for players and parents.

MSP safety tips

By you’ve got some basic safety tips, you access your movie star planet account safe from hackers to keep. Just follow the guide below and can to protect yourself from many of the dangers to MSP.

Safety tips for movie star planet player

  • Never share your password with anyone further. You can’t even tell your friends because you never know what could happen.
  • If someone says they will try to give you Starcoins or free VIP in return for your password to cheat on her, you! Do not fall for their tricks.
  • Provide never personal information such as your name, address, age, email, phone number or even where they go to school.
  • Create a user name that is appropriate. Use your real name in your username!
  • If someone asks for personal information, do not give it to them.
  • If a player after like you for some reason and they report the trouble, be out.
  • Contacting you will be blocked.
  • Beware of players imitating movie star planet staff or moderators. If the player is actually a moderator, you will find a moderator badge on their profile to see.
  • Learn to use the reporting / blocking feature. If a player caused problems, go to their profile and click this icon.

Then you’ll be able to sign or be a lockout of players. If the person was just annoying or bothering you, block them, and she won’t be able to contact you more. When they click something more serious like attempting to scam people do, report it to the moderators sign on the button.

MSP coverage

Safety tips for parents of MSP players

Movie star planet can be a fun environment for children to interact with their friends and other players online. It can be dangerous if not properly on your child, how to be safe online brought up. It is up to you to inform your kids to stay safe while playing online. Here are some tips to make your children keep safe on MSP.

  • A conversation with your kids about it, securely online. Be sure they know not to give out personal information and them explain why they do not.
  • Explain to your children that not everyone on the MSP is a good man, and some players are cheating them. Tell them if it seems too good to be true, it is likely.
  • Make sure you create a secure password and keep it safe to say something to someone.
  • Show them how to use the reporting / blocking system on movie star planet with this moviestarplanet hack tool. This is one of the best tools in the game’s keeping them safe.
  • Make with MSP and as to certain areas of the game to navigate. The areas of most concern are the chat and messaging systems. Check who has spoken to your child, and the content of their talks.
  • There are also various chat rooms, where players interact with each other. In contrast to the private messages, chat-room messages not for long periods of time are stored. MSP chat room.
  • Remember, no safety function is better than your own control and monitoring. It is up to you to keep your children safe online.

Excellent Concepts On Aiding You Purchase Your Following Video Game

You may have the thought that pc gaming is just for youngsters. This can not the reality! There are a lot of online games grownups could play, including those with exercise and also army concepts. This write-up will certainly give you some tips on exactly how you could get involved in the massive world of computer game ideas and also recommendations.

If you’re buying a game for a kid, ensure you have a variety of options. You will utilize a bunch of variables in deciding on whether or not to acquire a game for children of a certain age, so it’s far better to begin with a longer checklist that you should narrow down.

video games

The small download will certainly inform you whether your computer system is configuration to run a particular video game. If you’re afraid to download it, keep in mind that you could possibly simply obtain the info and afterwards remove the download.

When getting video games for kids, stay with these titles and also prevent the ones full of physical violence or other doubtful material.

Moms and dads ought to constantly verify the ESRB score on games.Some games may look more innocent compared to they really are. Check the video game’s score and also the list of warnings prior to you get.

Be cautious when it concerns playing online pc gaming. There is typically a month-to-month cost to play. Constantly have a look at any type of monthly computer game site that your youngsters want to see because all their good friends are playing there.

Consider allowing your children to play online games on a console as opposed to computer systems. Consoles provide you a great deal even more control over personal privacy, safety and security settings, and content considering that they could bypass these restrictions online. You kids are much more on a console.

If you intend to remain associated with your child’s life, spend a long time at it on your own. Playing the games with your youngster is a great deal of fantastic means to understand exactly what the games are about. Ask inquiries and also want what they are finishing with their time. Hands-on experiences are constantly the most effective!

Ensure to check a kid’s on-line video games. Understand the people they have fun with. Some individuals make use of online video gaming to meet youngsters. Keep your youngsters safe by being vigilant.

Maintain your body in mind when video gaming. A security round is an excellent investment if you bet a very long time; it will certainly assist boost position while gaming.If you are seriously involved in gaming, then you should take breaks and also stretch as you may be accustomed to sitting for long periods of time when you’re pc gaming.

Think of stopping by video arcade that is not in your town. Many individuals visit these arcades to play online games alone and do not connect with others.

If you see that problems are starting to create with your youngster as a result of their participation with video games, they require a break.

Playing computer game is an enjoyable task for people of all ages, not just kids. The tips provided above will help you learn more about the gaming world. Utilize the info situated above to assist you end up being a video game pro.

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