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Is He the man who will Not Be Blocked on Facebook

One of the biggest social media i.e. Facebook indeed saves many stories that can’t be told in time expires a day only. Social media who already have an active account with 1.8 billion per day is successful making its users spend countless hours just to access Facebook.

Yes, although at this time Facebook was in the spotlight because of “lack of frustrating” to tackle various news hoax circulating among its users, but there is one story that may not be a lot of social media users know this is blue.


Surely you already know the right Block feature that exists on Facebook? Yes, the feature that allows us as users to “eliminate” another account from our view it is indeed useful for those of us who don’t like to someone. Facebook login account open

For example, there is one of your friends who like to spread the word hoax via his Facebook account, sure way other than reporting the post is blocking that account from your Facebook page right?

So the question now is, what if you don’t like the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg with various IE for any reason? Do you want to block it as well? If the answer is Yes, perhaps your efforts will be wasted. Why?

Because it is reported by the Team from Gizmodo, apparently the Facebook account of Zuck was a very special account alias “immortal”. Yes if you want to block Zuck, then Facebook entirely could not block it.

When you do so, then Facebook will give the answer “This profile can not be blocked for now. You can report Pages of profiles if you think they’re doing something that goes against our Community Standards. If you think you’re seeking this by mistake, please let us know, ”

Interestingly, if we try to block his wife from Mark Zuckerberg i.e. Priscilla Chan, then Facebook can do your command. Same is the case when trying to block Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, then IE, Facebook can also keep your request with ease.

So, for example, your friends share postings from Mark Zuckerberg, then inevitably You have to see it because you can’t delete it, block them or even remove them from your Facebook page.

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