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7 Tips to avoid being tricked into Online shopping (Online Shopping)

In an age with this modern technology, it’s already an awful lot of sophisticated technology that can help people to facilitate its activities, including one is shopping. At present, no need to bother going to the store to buy an item, simply by internet can shop. This activity is known as online shopping or online shopping. Online shopping is very helpful, certainly a lot of people to make it easier to get the goods they want.


But unfortunately, along with the rise of online shopping, the mode-this mode of crime also joined growing, as we already know is a fraud online shopping. Scams through online shopping is also very popular in the era of modernization. I also never once cheated on online shopping, but fortunately I’m not really a loss aka Rp. 100,000. For that, so not much more that I like, I tips so that you do not be fooled when shopping online or online shopping:

1. a trusted Website
Before you start shopping online, you have to find out in advance where a trusted commerce website (minimal fraudsters). You could be searching on the internet about the sale and who’ve trusted website and find information also about the people who never shop at the website.

2. avoid price Too Lopsided
Don’t be too tempted by the price too wonky or cheap, because the price is too cheap that ought to be suspected. Because the price is definitely in accordance with quality, and probably not a seller selling goods too cheap, because obviously it would be detrimental to them, unless the seller it is a con.

3. Identify the product
If you want to buy a product, you should browse it first about the product you want to buy, so you better get to know about the product and what it wrote that included such products if you buy it (completeness). In addition, so that you can match the right products sold are appropriate or not (price, product photos, completeness) with the supplied ad sellers.

4. COD (Cash On Demand)
An abbreviation often used the Kaskuser when a buyer wants to meet with the seller. So this is the COD tranksaksi activities directly somewhere between buyers and sellers. This way is the safest way not so ketipu when shopping online. If a seller can not or do not want to be invited to COD, then you ought to be suspicious if the seller is a con.

5. Rekber (shared account)
Rekber is one of the services as intermediary buyers and sellers. So with the presence of rekber, acts of fraud can be minimised. Because of the presence of rekber, money transferred will be detained by the rekber, so not directly up to the seller until the goods we buy are accepted. Therefore, we recommend that you use rekber to perform online transactions, but also seek the services of a trusted rekber.

6. Know the seller
Here there needs to be a little bit of skill kepo (knowing every particle things). Before buying a product, it’s good if we find out the origin of the seller. How stuff , its Web site, testimonialnya, reputation etc. Especially if the seller is still a newbie or that there has not been a reputation/testimonials, you should be more careful, because the information must be very hard to search for.

7. save the proof of payment, Email and SMS
Instead, after you perform a money transfer, proof of payment and the simpalan email and SMS between you and the seller. So, if there is something that is not desired (cheated), then you can provide the evidence to law enforcement authorities (police) to deal with the problem.

Cheap gift shopping in Bali, this is the place

It’s relatively cheap, but through a price comparison with other gift shopping, the art market could be Guwang shopping gift shop cheapest on Bali. The art market is the hub of Guwang gift shop located in the village of Guwang, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

Location of Guwang art market not far from Sukawati art market, is just a five-minute drive away. Reportedly, market Guwang was deliberately constructed as an alternative to the shopping tourist membeludak in Sukawati market.


In the market there are around 600 Guwang Art sellers selling various souvenirs of Bali such as garments and ornaments.

Komang one outfitter in the art market Guwang says if shopping in Pasar Seni Guwang is cheaper than shopping elsewhere especially in Sukawati art market.

“If here because it is more deserted more freely to bargain with the seller. If no agreed price, could jump to other sellers, “said Komang.

Through the radar of KompasTravel who came to the art market Guwang, Thursday (29/9/2016) is indeed rather quiet Guwang art market visitors than the Sukawati art market

As a result, the bid so much easier. Imagine, KompasTravel managed to get the typical Balinese shorts for Rp 15,000 and barong shirt which Usd 10,000. not too hard, given the seller starts restless during the day have not been able yet to companionship aka money behavior at all.

No more hangers dream catcher which Usd 10,000 per three fruit. Just finished paying, lapak next to offer the same price to four key chain dream catcher.

In addition to clothing, the other thing that is interesting to be purchased at the art market Guwang is painting. Paintings for sale consists of a wide variety of styles. There are a minimalist, abstract, landscapes, to traditional. Dibanderol for price painting from Rp 50,000 to millions of rupiah.

Any tips to get lower prices while shopping to Guwang art market. “Come early in the morning while opening new, cheaper because we’re looking for money, but if the till noon like this (14:00) we can not penglaris Yes can certainly bargain price, too,” said Komang.

The art market Guwang is open from half nine in the morning until six o’clock in the afternoon. However, when the holiday season, such as new year’s Eve, Guwang art market could open until eight in the evening.

Shopping Tips Save A Million Dollars For The Housewife

A housewife is a ‘ Manager ‘ within the family, especially in the Affairs set the various needs of the family. The role of the housewife can not be considered one eye. Therefore, please respect your mother’s difficulties at home in the care of family needs as well as regulating it.

Whether consciously or not, household spending for many affected by the lifestyle of the housewife. How does a housewife in the shopping needs of the family will greatly affect the financial condition of the family.


Housewives need to a bit more creative in regulating shopping so as not to waste occurs. In fact, the homemaker can help in doing family savings so that family savings could more quickly filled.

Well, here’s the frugal shopping tips from for housewives that you can distribute to your mother or you apply it yourself:

1. Make sure the first household shopping destination
It is important to do so that later the goods purchased are not deviated from the destination for shopping. For example, if the shopping destination just for the needs of the kitchen during the week, do not enter any other needs such as bath SOAP or insect repellent in your shopping list.

“Set a goal of spending is the basis of free living waste.”

2. Make a note with the details of the whole shopping needs

After learning the purpose of shopping, the housewife needs to be recorded with details of what he needs to buy. This is useful in order to later purchased items are not deviated from the original shopping destination and also resist the temptation to buy items outside of the shopping list of needs.

“Recorded with details of goods spent also helps in estimating the cost needed for shopping”

3. do not bring too much money
By knowing the approximate cost, the mother can bring money to taste only so as not to be tempted to spend more than necessary. However, do not bring money fit too snugly. Could have been a product like to purchased in-stock runs out so had to purchase alternative products that cost more expensive. Or, it could just be the price of these products has gone up.

“Housewives Should bring extra spending money about 10% of the estimated amount of expenditures for the anticipation of it.”
banner KK

4. don’t be lazy to compare the price of goods
As a careful housewife, consider the price of the same product in place of the usual shopping and other places. Whether the prices of the goods in place of the usual shopping turns tend to be more expensive or inexpensive compared to other places?

“Even though cheaper, note whether the quality of foodstuffs or other products also fit expectations or not. Don’t sacrifice quality with lower price a little bit. ”

5. buy in large quantities
Market, shop, supermarket or usually give a cheaper price if shopping the same product in the same amount. If the mother sets the number of clever usage of goods and foodstuffs, household bought in great numbers is more advisable to save on expenses.

“If there’s a discount, and the price of those products do indeed become far cheaper than the price reasonable, buying in large quantities can also be done in a reasonable amount.”

6. always noting the expenditure that had already been done in the cash book of the householdWhen you are finished shopping, don’t forget to immediately record the entire expenditure actual expenditures have been made in the cash book. In this way, the mother so know the estimated cost of the next shopping at once sought to do the saving.

“The cash book can write a real book-shaped, computer data processing in applications such as Excel, or smartphone application note taker expenses.”

7. Frequent up-to date with promo
This might be the most awaited tips. Everyone sure like the promo because it can be used to downsize. Surely as long as the promo were used to meet the needs of the nature of such essential household needs.

Many shops or supermarkets that offer such promo vouchers, discounts, or cash back if a buyer has a credit card. For example, the following example of a supermarket and a store that offers credit card promo.

Suppose household expenditures spending of Rp 1 million per month. With the Citi credit card and shopping at The Food Hall, then in one year value of household shopping you just Rp 10.8 million only. You got a savings Rp 1.2 million. Fair, isn’t it?

Why Shop Online Important For Sale?

Shop Online, it can not be separated from the word marketing. Because a sales target will always be an important benchmark for each product. So what’s next for the best marketing for your store?

Various ways to increase sales, of course it will still be associated with what has been on target. In a real sense, you should still try to go forward and develop a good sales strategy.


Spending Online
Given the technological advances in the next 2016, has seen the number of online selling sites and so on. This indicates that there are opportunities for a store to participate plunge into the online world.

Here’s the reason why sell online is mandatory for small and medium businesses:

Social media

Medsos  Active everyone to interact in social media and could not be separated from her beloved smartphone, shows that it can use to market their products on the internet.

Trip Purchase Online

Do not have enough capital to create a website ecommerce or lack in terms of maintaining a website, maybe it is a major obstacle for some people.

Now you do not need to worry, because some online shopping sites or pages already provide channels for sellers to market their products.

Here is a list of online selling sites that are well known on the internet:

And many more
Then, how to sell or market products on the web buying and selling online?

In the list above sites, you can register by filling in the registration form account at any trading site.

Then please find the key or button to open a shop of each site above. If so, then you will be directed personal your shop.

The next stage you just add a photo of the product you wish to sell and pricing.

This article is just a conversation about the importance of selling online. By looking at the height of the Internet, of course unexpectedly You have to have branches in various regions.

So much from me in the discussion Online Store, if you have any questions please ask. A little message from my step out in every opportunity and do not be afraid if it still makes sense to grow your business.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping on the Internet

Along with advances in technology, the trend of online shopping in Indonesia is also increasing every year. Currently Internet users in Indonesia touch the figure of 70 million more, and it makes the proliferation of online stores that provide a wide range of products.

Almost all the current needs we can buy or get it online , it is increasingly attracting the interest of potential consumers to shop online because it is more practical to simply access via the gadget or smartphone that supports features for browsing on the Internet.


Currently in Indonesia is not too difficult for us to know some trusted online store and the best that is visited by Internet users to shop online because we’ve seen their ads in the electronic media (tv) such as »MatahariMall, Lazada, Elevania, Unity and others.

But as a consumer, if you like shopping online rather than on some online stores that I mentioned above earlier, then we must be careful because not a few who take advantage of this situation by opening an online store only as a cover for fraud.

Starting from products that are not shipped after payment or fraud by providing products that are not in accordance with the previous agreement. Well here are some tips on online shopping safe from fraud

7 Tips for Online Shopping
1. Expand (collect) Information

To avoid fooled into buying products with high prices, then you should be diligent browsing to collect and compare prices on the online store A to B, C and others. It could be the difference in price between different online stores sesam away.

2. Knowing Reputation Online Store

For this you can know from previous buyers comments, or to find out by reading the reviews on the online store you want to visit the forums and reviews on their blogs or personal websites ever perform transactions on the online store.

3. Check the contacts / No. Telephone

It is certain at any online store have several call center phone number in order to serve the prospective buyers, to ascertain whether you can try to directly call the number.

4. Read the Engineered Product Description

Make sure the product you want to buy a really correspond to that of the samples, and be sure to return to CS online store that the price to be paid is for the product as they offer (display).

5. Save the Proof of Payment (transaction)

This proof of payment so you will need in case of problems in the future, ranging from proof of transfer, email, details of the products you buy as well as evidence of other transactions.

6. Payment Method

Learn how or system of payment for each transaction used by the online store, and choose the safest way.

7. Looking Recommendations

Do not be embarrassed to ask questions or ask for a recommendation on other people or friends you’ve made a purchase (transaction) in an online store and ask also how to service them. Until you can choose which one feels could give the best service.

Hopefully brief review of the tips online shopping safe in order to avoid fraud above can help you who want to conduct online transactions on the Internet.

Lest you be disappointed because expectations would like to get the desired goods in fact the opposite is true, the goods did not come, your money was floated.

Easy Online Shopping Through DOKU Wallet Virtual Wallet

The increasing number of Internet users in Indonesia have an effect to the increasing number of people who do online shopping. Sometimes doing online shopping requires a credit card as a means of payment. However, now it is much easier and simpler with the presence DOKU Wallet.


DOKU Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows for users to shop online easily and securely simply by using a username and password.

Prospective users live access to, register and select the desired source of funds (account or credit card). After that the user will get the ID or password that can be used for shopping. And it’s all free without any cost.

Users DOKU Wallet is possible to make a payment by clicking the payment button located on merchant sites connected to the Internet during the time of day.

online shop

Hundreds of merchants has been connected with the service’s Wallet DOKU in, Electronic Solution, The Harvest, First Media, Cheese Cake Factory and Sky Aviation. In fact, 8 out of 11 the airlines in Indonesia is already connected to DOKU Wallet to facilitate the purchase of tickets.

In order to facilitate the transaction, DOKU collaboration with BNI 46. However, DOKU Wallet is also easier for users other than the customer BNI in cooperation with Bank Mandiri, BCA, BRI, Jewel, and Citibank to transact.

To fill the balance, DOKU Wallet is also connected with about 40 thousand ATMs throughout Indonesia so that the charging or top-ups can be done from anywhere.

Users can top-up your balance to $ 5 million purse of any bank, such as BNI SMS Banking, ATM Banking, the bank in cooperation with Link and ATM Bersama.

In order to provide a sense of security to the user, DOKU Wallet impose a double verification system, both from the buyer and the seller in order to minimize the occurrence of fraud.

DOKU Wallet With this, it is expected that anyone can shop online without having to bother payments, especially for those who do not have a credit card.

How To Find The Best Shoe Inserts For Your Work Boots

Many professional workplaces require the putting on of special working shoes within their security requirements. These shoes were created by falling items, sharp things to provide safeguard to an individual, which can permeate through the boot and the insulation and singular of electric powered leakage and release. Therefore, they could be found very difficult to be strong and stable structures, both to provide protection if required.

How To Find The Best Shoe Inserts For Your Work Boots

If these characteristics also represent the perfect security, they aren’t too comfortable to wear all day long often. For this good reason, they have a tendency to distress, and pain in the foot. With long term use, they lead to other difficulties such as calluses and corns, heel spurs, arch support and insufficient infection and pain of the ft .. Because the pain of several users to avoid these difficult shoes or disorders from the very dangerous and harmful experience.

In order to avoid possibly minimize pain and harm to the legs, it is strongly recommended to make use of the types of inserts designed to your shoes that may help you obtain the right support for your ft. It ought to be noted that numerous kinds of debris should provide different kinds of support. For instance, high arch feet are more centered on the arch to aid and send out the weight correctly from the cage and began the spine.

bottoms of selection for work boots

Your selection should already put up with in your type of work and everything the issues associated with existing feet on the bottom. Work shoes are hard required by the look due to additional levels of protection generally. Therefore, look for shoes that are light rather than overweight for your. Additionally it is important to find the right size and condition of the insole to suit your work boots.

Many give Insoles with advanced technology now, has additional features such as antimicrobial activity, cushioning and water control. They are generally transported in gentle materials, such as glycerin, foam plastic with different degrees of support. For instance, high-arc debris would become more rigid materials include giving satisfactory support. It is strongly recommended to check on the structure of the feet of the materials if you are inclined to allergic reactions.

Among the better shoes designed for work shoes on the marketplace are:

Superfeet High grade Insoles
Massaging Gel Work Insoles Dr. Scholl
Minders arch foot support insoles for athletic work and shoes shoes
Spenco Insoles Men Polysorb(R) DURABLE

How to save more and better international transfers with TransferWise


When we have a family member, friend or acquaintance abroad in any country that does not have in its financial system with the euro monera, we find the corresponding limitations when it comes to these international efforts. If we do so through a Bank, for example, as well as deal with classical commissions for each transfer or operation, we will have to trust that the change of currency of the Bank we have selected is most beneficial or more interesting for us.

As well, in recent years, TransferWise has emerged with great force as an alternative to these classic international transfers, where doubts and fear if we are going to lose money on shipping are evident from the outset. This company, curiously enough born from the hands of the developers of PayPal (an alternative to traditional online payment systems) has a simple but interesting mechanism to save us the extra costs of these international transfers.

Simply, we will use our debit card (with a maximum amount of up to 2,000 euros for a same operation) and we will send our money to TransferWise, at the same time indicating the destination account to which we will send the money. This company, which has different accounts in each of the countries involved, simply send money from the local account, say in Paris, for example, to the account of our Parisian known that we wanted to send the money, being thus a simple transfer domestic and not international.

On this page you can see how these transfers quickly and easily, but be clear, is one of the most comfortable and effective ways of saving us those euros, dollars, pounds for each transfer you make abroad. If your family members are entitled to move to one of these places, why so superior effort should assume we continue supporting them economically exisistiendo solutions as TransferWise?

What to look for when buying luxury Curtains

Locko Brave

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Hi, I Locko Brave as a writer who wants to Sharing information on shopping, especially in which is a source of reliable information.
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Regarding the acquisition of the shade fabric of extravagance, make sure you make the best choice for high quality tents available that give great room and will last update. It makes no difference in this case, if you buy for your living room or living room, make sure you focus on quality, durability and value.

Curtains extravagance buying fabric should not be overwhelming background once you’ve thought of shading and example that you feel complete your room and a constructive outcome in the room. Shutters is selected should be based on the internal configuration of the shadow of your furniture, beds and seals. We can say with certainty that she hopes to add shading to spray the room? Or do you have on the visitor an influence that run in the room or you say you are looking for something that would substantially mixed to improve the space at any time to look perfect?

What to look for when buying luxury Curtains

The main thing is that you should think about having to go when any purchase of extravagance draped fabric has a thickness of material. All fabric curtains are unique, some are reasonable and effective than others. Obviously, the more rigid material, to continue what is beneficial and save money over time, reduce the need to replace the color, as soon as possible. In this case, if you like the furniture and the same parts, quite a long time, reliability is an important factor, because chances are, they are not exceptional measures begin your inner loop at any time in the near future to improve ,

The line number is critical thinking in relation to the choice of shade cloth spectacle. Over the line number, more luxurious new window decorations. Not all pre-date organizational fabric ornament windows, so that you check regularly and just ask. It also identifies the training and experience of the organization of the elements that you are the significant peace of mind that you are buying from a master textile curtains, knows his subject and the best quality, and now give in the future.

Exploration in action. Although, if you buy online scrutinize lampshade woven into extravagance. There are a wide range of land, each with its own visual benefits. This may help you distinguish what you work feel more comfortable in your room, and put an expression, what you hope to do.

Warranty, carefully consider the width of the fabric blind extravagance. If you have large windows that you run, do not shoot the installation on several cards to complete a drapery to do, it would destroy the visual surface. Or maybe get a larger fabric that will cover a larger area, you. The ability to easily close the blinds and fidelity at any time

This is a big extravagant purchase also purchase shade cloth easy for a legitimate organization with years of training and participation in the tissue sector. informal exchanges are probably the best device, but you can also reinforce the network more you know about your opportunity, use it to get the seller, read some customer surveys and make sure that you manage the organization, to provide quick and management reliable, is you can trust.

Try not to give the value of the opportunity to be your only goal. This is an important control that make such a variety of people. Or perhaps focus on the nature of the extravagant jewelry box fabric, its thickness and the number of lines and then compare the cost with the assurance that you buy a good quality material that will give years of use and enjoyment thrust.

men’s underwear – Choose depending on the situation

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Locko Brave

Hi, I Locko Brave as a writer who wants to Sharing information on shopping, especially in which is a source of reliable information.
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Gone are the days when people used to wear the same type of clothing for each event. At the time people were very conscious of the right to wear for a particular occasion. To date, there are styles and cuts with a significant degree of comfort, spent our desires. There are men’s suits for all conceivable cases, such as work, leisure, training, overtime minutes and so on.

Workout clothes / Sports –

Clothing is the ideal partner for men who are in excellent physical exercise, such as games, gymming and for people who need a horse to stay healthy. equipped Bewegungszentrum wrong clothes can hurt your reputation. To account for the printing and output, I made constant, warm clothes bandage.

men's underwear - Choose depending on the situation

Bondage men provocative clothing styles, lively and reliable power to the channel material to the complexity and integral pocket, making it fun and very interesting. An impressive combination of materials, such as nylon 93%, 7% spandex are appropriate degree of flexibility for men on the go. You have to choose from a variety of colors available to coordinate your taste.

make clothes for your next special moments –

When it comes to go with someone on the same day we love, without a doubt, do not wear clothing line. It will kill an accomplice. In addition groping seasoned occasions shock style.

Thongs and G-strings will not be any doubt about the need. Removing Cage Thong create a comfortable stretch material, which has a system of ropes and a bag with a hole, which is still being discovered, he continues to tame. It also has a universal thin waist that comes full circle in a T-back. Sensual Attire produces 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex.

Clothing for your environment –

copy pair Boxer Wearing a long time, probably increase the level of any security. to your workplace with good flight no earlier, and a large number of pockets formed elevator, you’ll definitely continue to provide strong expression in the workplace.

Boxers are made (nylon and spandex) from fine fabrics, which makes it a useful and enjoyable. Boxers are one of those types of clothes with style, comfort and utility. It is an absolute necessity to have an incredible first encounter between members. Currently, a low profile is ideal for the new user fee, which you can hardly expect a grand entrance. elegant stripes to compliment a collection of clothes for each person. Boxers are a perfect blend of style and the ability to finish in the closet of each expert youth.

Clothing, rest homes –

Boxers are one of the most popular of your employees is necessary if you are at home, feeling lethargic and has nothing to do. inhale precondition to capacity and flexibility will be your companion in distress Boxer.

Boxers warm and breathing. Spectacular high plan, the extreme flexibility of the certification in the field of development, while practicing or performing or wherever you wear it. The smooth shape of the holes extends to cover the legs to add a point on the edges of the tape. 86% polyamide and 14% elastane are the relevant section of leg development.

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