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Easy Online Shopping Through DOKU Wallet Virtual Wallet

The increasing number of Internet users in Indonesia have an effect to the increasing number of people who do online shopping. Sometimes doing online shopping requires a credit card as a means of payment. However, now it is much easier and simpler with the presence DOKU Wallet.


DOKU Wallet is a virtual wallet that allows for users to shop online easily and securely simply by using a username and password.

Prospective users live access to, register and select the desired source of funds (account or credit card). After that the user will get the ID or password that can be used for shopping. And it’s all free without any cost.

Users DOKU Wallet is possible to make a payment by clicking the payment button located on merchant sites connected to the Internet during the time of day.

online shop

Hundreds of merchants has been connected with the service’s Wallet DOKU in, Electronic Solution, The Harvest, First Media, Cheese Cake Factory and Sky Aviation. In fact, 8 out of 11 the airlines in Indonesia is already connected to DOKU Wallet to facilitate the purchase of tickets.

In order to facilitate the transaction, DOKU collaboration with BNI 46. However, DOKU Wallet is also easier for users other than the customer BNI in cooperation with Bank Mandiri, BCA, BRI, Jewel, and Citibank to transact.

To fill the balance, DOKU Wallet is also connected with about 40 thousand ATMs throughout Indonesia so that the charging or top-ups can be done from anywhere.

Users can top-up your balance to $ 5 million purse of any bank, such as BNI SMS Banking, ATM Banking, the bank in cooperation with Link and ATM Bersama.

In order to provide a sense of security to the user, DOKU Wallet impose a double verification system, both from the buyer and the seller in order to minimize the occurrence of fraud.

DOKU Wallet With this, it is expected that anyone can shop online without having to bother payments, especially for those who do not have a credit card.

Tips to Build Wall Recent Clash of Clans

Wall including the most important part of the defense in the game Clash of Clans hack. Because in addition to its function as a barrier enemy forces as well as the foundation in building a base or strategy. Can dikata wall is the skeleton of a base or formation in this coc game play.

For that to build and develop this wall should not have been in vain. Because of these concerns with the durability of the village or base or formation you when your village is attacked another village. If you are weak or false wall in the compile, you’re going to hit the village address mugged every day.

Do not let it happen!

So here I will share tips on how to build a wall in the game Clash of Clans according to the latest version and my experience.

First I will discuss is how to create a wall Clash of Clans. Why? Because there are still my friends we are still new players do not understand how to build the wall. It can be seen as in the image below.
clash of clans town hall
Next is the tips to build wall Clash of Clans latest version of me that I took from my experience during play this game Clash of Clans. As the saying goes, “learn from experience, because experience is a good teacher” but it would be even better is if we could learn from the experience of others. We will save time and labor-saving because no one stepped up. Even if it’s just a game, but for gamers, the game is his life, the game is true, then it should not be messing around in game play.
If you’re new village, still TH 1, it was good wake up, the whole wall is available. Further

Upgrades continue until the wall level 3

Once the wall has been upgraded until level 3 upgrades wallnya first stop. Then you focus hallnya town upgrade step by step. Why stop first? Because the cost to build the wall higher than the earnings of gold and the elixir of your village. Unless you have lots of money to buy gems.

That pas you’ve upgraded to a town hall level 2, you wake up all the buildings that can be built or available for the town hall built in level 2. After all the building woke up, you upgrade all the buildings except the wall to the top level until mentok can not be upgraded again unless the condition of the town hall had to be upgraded again to level 3.

Well after the building can not be upgraded again, then again you upgrade your town hall was increased to level 3, you get up again all the buildings that can be built, and then you upgrade again until fixed. You’re already stuck hallnya town recently upgraded again to level 4 and so on
After the town hall you are level 7 or 8, you recently upgraded again all you walll straight wall until level 7 or 8 because you already a big village income at town hall level 7 or 8 and also upgrade wall can already use gold as well elixir. If fitting wall to level 6 under the wake wall can only use gold only.

biaya pembuatan wall coc

Total gold and elixir needed to build the wall coc

wall breaker

wall breaker level is required to break down every wall level

Before the upgrade until all the buildings in the town hall mentok you do not upgrade to level 9, because would be hard nyari robbery. Karna village rampokannya on poor-poor. Except if you can naikin thropi until 2000 thropi and leagues cristal (crystal league). But in this league crystal also very kuat2 his village. So if you’re not a strong force, just wrote you only dapet little loot. Okay that was tips to make wall Clash of Clans cheat gems according to the version of my experience.

4 Tips for Online Shopping Discounts Lebaran order not Trapped

Eid online shopping tips to not get stuck discount – In an era that has been completely developed this, is not new anymore through online shopping. Even lately jumblah consumers online has increased dramatically. This is because of the convenience, ease and practicality that was the reason why many people are switching from conventional shopping to online shopping.


Speaking of shopping online. It is now becoming the trend and many people who choose it. Especially when I’m giving a big discount, direct consumers do not want to miss to invade discount. But you know, if you are not careful and clear in shopping online, you can get stuck discount? Therefore you have to be smart in choosing. Especially now that it is approaching Eid holiday. Many discount fly. Shop smart.

So you are not stuck discounts harmful, there are some tips that you should apply. These tips may be easier for you to shop online to be more careful. Here are four tips onlone Eid shopping to avoid being trapped discount:

1. First check and product discounts

Not all goods or products have the same amount of discount. So it is very important for you to check sidkonnya well as any product that gets the discount. Usually we are often tempted promos and discounts. Even items that are not needed, too, purchased for discounts and promos. This is what needs to be avoided. Not to buy goods that are not needed despite it being discounted.

2. Prior to open an online store, find out your needs

It’s very important for you to do. Do not open the store before you decide what to buy. Because usually we always “hungry eyes” when looking around the groceries. First find out the stuff that you buy what you need. For example before Lebaran this you will need 2 shirt and a pair of shoes. When you are determining the items needed, then open an online store and what you plan SHOP want dibelanja tersbut.

3. Do not hesitate to make price comparisons

You should not hesitate to compare prices between stores of the other stores. For example, you need to brand A. gamis your online store first saw the price that much, try to compare the online store 2, 3, or 4. There may be considerable price differences segnifikan. Kan could benefit you if there is a cheaper price after comparing.

4. Do not forget the postage and the credibility of the store onlinnya

Make sure you pay attention to the postage yes. Postage remains included in your budget. Calculate your shopping postage. When combined with the number of how many groceries. If it is still affordable and cheaper than other stores, then carry on. And besides that, consider also the credibility of the online store. Be careful not to stray into the online store Abal Abal. Although cheap, the useless if the store Abal Abal. There you will lose. Whether it’s poor quality goods, or even fraudulent goods are not shipped.

Such information about 4 Tips Online Shopping Discounts Lebaran order to not get stuck. May the above information helpful. Thanks.

Benefits of cucumbers for weight loss

Cucumber is not only refreshing, but also very low in calories (only 16 per cup). Cucumbers are also a source of Vitamin C that will make your skin glowing and healthy. others, cucumber also has a water content of as much as 95% !. So, cucumbers diet is the secret to a slim body, and stay healthy. It is an effective way but healthy to help you lose weight. Cucumbers are also rich in dietary fiber, so the cucumber will make full longer. Cucumber is a perfect food as food for diet.

Lose Weight with cucumber

Cucumber contains a lot of water, which is almost 95%. Coupled with fiber, which is the most effective way to rid the body of harmful toxins that are released through the digestive system. Thus the cucumber will promote better digestion.


In addition, cucumber also very low in calories, which means that it is important to for a diet to lose weight. When you eat foods that are low in calories throughout the day (in this case cucumber) then your body tends to reduce fat more efficiently, resulting in faster weight loss. Do not worry, you will not starve if a healthy diet like this.

Feel full for a long time will make your appetite automatically reduced. Thus the total calorie intake will continue to fall every day, so it will make you lose body fat faster. Get slim body soon to eat cucumber.

Diet eating cucumber accompanied by adequate physical exercise as well as carry out a healthy lifestyle, is key to being able to burn fat. There is no such thing as a strict diet, no starvation, even you could soon be proud to have a beautiful healthy body you’ve always dreamed.

Benefits of cucumbers to your diet

Cucumber comes with bringing numerous benefits to health, the most important is that it can help you lose weight and slimming the stomach more effectively.

Because the cucumber contains 95% water and 5% fiber, it will thoroughly clean your body and release him immediately from the harmful toxins that inhibit the digestive system. Thus, it will promote a better digestive system, which in turn will speed up the metabolism.

Other highlights of the cucumber fruit for diet is to help cooling the body, so it will make you feel more refreshed and relaxed throughout the day. Cucumbers also Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B, cucumber diet will also give you a bright skin.

But do not forget the benefits of other fruits are rich in nutrients in your diet intake to lose weight. Fruit is high in vitamins and fiber and low in fat will also help in weight loss diet program you.

Branded Shopping Bags in Batam

A visit to Batam is not complete if they do not buy souvenirs branded bags. Batam is a haven for branded handbags at very affordable price. The small island that has golf courses scattered throughout the island offers a variety of world-class bag for lovers branded bags.

If you have a hobby of collecting a variety of shopping and branded bags, then Batam was the appropriate place for you, this island city known as a seller of replica bags branded with a very competitive price. Guaranteed that the price of the price of branded bags are much cheaper when compared to the prices in Jakarta for the same good quality are sold in stores, malls and other online bag outside Batam. This is because these bags are imported from abroad, especially China and duty-free because the Batam free trade area (Free Trade Zone).

Bags in Batam

If you are sightseeing in Nagoya, or Batam Center you will encounter sellers branded bags such as LV, Aigner, Gucci, etc., from the level of the shop to the mall, which will spoil you as a traveler. Where can you buy these branded bags? You can shop in the mall. Batam has more than 6 big mall. A course such as Mega Mall Batam Centre, Diamond City Mall, BCS Mall, Nagoya Hill Mall, Riau Islands Mall and Harbour Bay Mall. Not to mention other smaller malls. Or at the shopping complex in Nagoya, along the shops in Nagoya, on both sides, a lot of stores that sell bags with different quality.

One of the advantages of bags in Batam according to me is the diversity of models who continue to follow the trend of the world. Various kinds of bags are sold model is always the latest, and with considerable variation. If it does not fit and did not find one model in one store, can quickly switch to another store to taste.

In addition to the model, you can also choose the desired quality of the bag according to the contents of the bag. The term is nothing Quality Number 1, 2, 3, and so on, or commonly referred to as KW1, KW2, and so on. The good, the traders here in general to tell, what the quality is like this bag. Of course, knowledge of the quality of this bag is important, so do not be fooled into business quality and price.

Design Minimalist Teak Dining Table Newest

In the interior components of the house, the dining table is an important component for completeness minimalist dream house. For the theme of the concept of a minimalist home, the choice of form and type of dining table diverse alternatives ranging from minimalist dining table from teak. glass, marble until such unique folding dining table can be chosen. In this time of teak dining table into our discussion this time. Why choose teak dining table becomes the main ingredient, because teak wood is known for durability and long-lasting, besides teak is also easy to come by in this Indonesian.

Dining Table 1

Many dining table minimalist teak wood is cheap in the market, for saving budget money to make or buy a dining table teak you can find a dining table teak former or current booming namely dining table teak material Dutch identity that has the shape and color interesting and exotic. For those of you who love the old-fashioned dining table, you can find on your antique dining table by way of hunting into villages or gallery antiquarian. Why to the village, because many of the ancients who use teak wood as raw material for the furniture and interior of the house, in other words the durability of teak has become the primary choice at the time. For the latest price table of this type, depending on the level of quality and artistic value which normally would adapt, in terms of price.

If you have a high artistic soul, you can choose formations carved teak dining table that can be found in the central areas of carving Jepara or more of course the price is a little expensive. For those of you who are currently looking for inspiration for your home minimalist dining table, we’ll be giving out some drawings and model design ideas from teak dining table and teak belandayang may interest you. For brevity please refer to some models and shape of the table of teak latest.

Dining Table 2

Dining Table 3

That is some figure models teak dining table that you can apply in your dining room. To enrich the discussion on this teak wood dining table, it helps you also read my article on Minimalist Dining Table Model Option of wood as an alternative. Thank you for your visit.

Health Benefits of Exercise For Our Body

What are the benefits of exercise for our health? Get the benefits of exercise for health is only in the web of Indonesian people who love to share important information and useful for everyone.

Sport is movement to relax the muscles extremely absolutely necessary for each person to maintain body health. With diligent or regularly sport, it can provide benefits that healthy and fit. Sports recommended for people whose poor health or who are performing the diet, because exercise can restore the health of the body is limp and unable to burn fat in the body.

For that, you need to instill the meaning and importance of exercise is very useful in maintaining a healthy body. Exercise can be done anywhere and anytime it. Walk or run around the complex every morning also included sports. Most important of carrying out the exercise with regular movements of each and get the benefits in the future.

sport for health

Here’s what we can get from the benefits of sport for health :

1. Increased endurance

Run sport by way of regular and routine can affect the hormone in the body and serves as increase endurance. If our immune system is good, then the body will feel light and protected from disease.

2. Increased brainpower

Many benefits of exercise if we do regularly, especially every day if I could. It is able to increase the supply of oxygen into the body, so that blood circulation was present in the body, especially the blood flow to the brain was not choked, the brain also can work better.

3. Burning fat

Sport is an activity that has been proven to burn fat and lose weight so that your body can be proportionate, so have suggested for your slimming program weight. This, if done each day it will give good results on your body.

4. Reduce stress

Sports is known as a function of the flexing muscles of the body, can be created body and brain so fresh. By having fresh body and brain, will make you avoid stress and can only, it will be experienced whenever it comes.

5. Overcoming premature aging

Age is increasingly increases will be lowered a change that exist in the body, such as skin wrinkles or can be called aging. Make avoid premature aging then you can carry out with the sport by way of routine so that the productivity of new cells of the skin also will be stimulated and the skin can look more and free of wrinkles.

6. Increase the body’s energy

In an organized way in implementing the sport will have good stamina, it is not easy to drown, while implementing an arduous task. While people who do not have time to run the sports body will be tired in the strenuous task.

For that, start from now to take some time to be able to exercise, whether it is mild as already highlighted above. If your body’s health can be maintained, so that each can be done easily and not faltered. With regular exercise can also be accompanied with a glass of water, this second if accompanied it will provide enormous benefits to the body to be healthy and keep the immune system grows.

Natural Beauty Underwater Gili Kondo

Nothing wrong if Lombok is also known as Thousand Island Gili. Rows of small islands surround the exotic West Nusa Tenggara. One of the small islands in Lombok with captivating underwater scenery is Gili Kondo .

Gili Kondo is located in the region of East Lombok, about three hours drive from Mataram, continued to cross by boat for approximately 25 minutes. Its location is relatively far from Mataram and Senggigi tourist area makes the island is not as busy as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air.

gili kondo

But the beauty of the beach and underwater, Gili Kondo no less fascinating than the other bund more popular in the West and North Lombok. Around the island is not too big also allows you to island hopping island is within one to two hours.


The best period for traveling to Gili Kondo is in the summer or mid-year. The waters around Gili Kondo is not too deep, the water was clear, clean, and the waves were calm.

When the tide is low, you can even cross over to the island of Gili Bidara only by foot, without the need to swim. Gili Bidara itself is about 500 meters from the east coast Gili Kondo.

Shallow waters and relatively calm surf makes the beach around Gili Kondo as snorkeling spot with a beautiful underwater scenery. B’timers will encounter hordes of docile fish, colorful coral reefs, sea turtles, and nemo. What is unique, here are a few black nemo, clownfish or a kind of clown fish with a darker hue.

To enjoy the sunset, you can move from snorkeling spot towards the beach on the west side of the island is flat and sandy white. The sun moving down behind the mountains Rinjani became the scene of an afternoon in Gili Kondo.

Want to spend the night in this exotic island? There are several wooden houses or gazebo -the Lombok call berugaq and there is a camping area that wants to set up a tent. If you’re hungry, there is a shop in the center of the island that provides a variety of food and beverages.

Gili Kondo quiet and peaceful it makes you feel like on a private island. The perfect place to retreat from the crowds, enjoy the beautiful beaches and underwater chili with your best friend or spouse.

How to get there

Gili Kondo is located in East Lombok. How to reach this island is to rent a car from Mataram to travel about three hours. Arriving at the Port Padak Juar, proceed with motorboat crossing for approximately 25 minutes.

How To Find The Best Shoe Inserts For Your Work Boots

Many professional workplaces require the putting on of special working shoes within their security requirements. These shoes were created by falling items, sharp things to provide safeguard to an individual, which can permeate through the boot and the insulation and singular of electric powered leakage and release. Therefore, they could be found very difficult to be strong and stable structures, both to provide protection if required.

How To Find The Best Shoe Inserts For Your Work Boots

If these characteristics also represent the perfect security, they aren’t too comfortable to wear all day long often. For this good reason, they have a tendency to distress, and pain in the foot. With long term use, they lead to other difficulties such as calluses and corns, heel spurs, arch support and insufficient infection and pain of the ft .. Because the pain of several users to avoid these difficult shoes or disorders from the very dangerous and harmful experience.

In order to avoid possibly minimize pain and harm to the legs, it is strongly recommended to make use of the types of inserts designed to your shoes that may help you obtain the right support for your ft. It ought to be noted that numerous kinds of debris should provide different kinds of support. For instance, high arch feet are more centered on the arch to aid and send out the weight correctly from the cage and began the spine.

bottoms of selection for work boots

Your selection should already put up with in your type of work and everything the issues associated with existing feet on the bottom. Work shoes are hard required by the look due to additional levels of protection generally. Therefore, look for shoes that are light rather than overweight for your. Additionally it is important to find the right size and condition of the insole to suit your work boots.

Many give Insoles with advanced technology now, has additional features such as antimicrobial activity, cushioning and water control. They are generally transported in gentle materials, such as glycerin, foam plastic with different degrees of support. For instance, high-arc debris would become more rigid materials include giving satisfactory support. It is strongly recommended to check on the structure of the feet of the materials if you are inclined to allergic reactions.

Among the better shoes designed for work shoes on the marketplace are:

Superfeet High grade Insoles
Massaging Gel Work Insoles Dr. Scholl
Minders arch foot support insoles for athletic work and shoes shoes
Spenco Insoles Men Polysorb(R) DURABLE

Home Remedies for Body Rash

Remedies for body rash
The treatment for every single type of skin area rash will depend on the cause. There are a few anti-histamine and syrups that help decrease pain killers, scratching and other symptoms of a allergy. If you’re uncertain about the reason for the outbreak, however, it might be best to check with with your physician. Rashes in children when associated with symptoms such as drowsiness, stiff neck of the guitar and fever should be evaluated by a health care provider. Below are a few common home cures for rashes:

Home Remedies for Body Rash

Wash the afflicted area to relieve itching and inflammation with chamomile tea.
One of the better home cures for irritation is essential olive oil. A small amount of olive oil to the afflicted area directly. This triggers the assistance and epidermis heal penetrate.
Aloe vera gel is among the finest natural treatments for rashes. The efficiency of aloe ingredients has been backed by various studies and can help alleviate a number of inflammatory skin area diseases.

You can even vitamin E engine oil to a allergy. Cut a vitamin E capsule, extract the oil and put it on the afflicted area.

Many reports show an oatmeal bathroom for skin allergy is one of the better ways to mitigate the outbreak of your body. Add one glass of flour with drinking water to overflow the oat bath tub and soak in it for some time. This helps to avoid the irritation and limited pass on the allergy also.
A simple benefit rash treatment herb is dandelion a compress with natural remedies, yellow dock Chaparral and main.

To alleviate pain and scratching caused by a allergy, soak a clean cloth in a solution of comfrey and water and place it over the damaged skin. This helps to ease the inflammation.

The ultimate way to protect your body against rashes and attacks is, a great deal of vitamin supplements C to take it as an antioxidant impact and promotes swift healing of your skin rash.
Make an effort to identify the things that trigger allergies that may take your skin reactions and the required options lead to coverage to avoid them.

Avoid allergy rub, how it spreads or may deteriorate. In the event that you feel the necessity to itch, you instead have a natural cotton swab and dab smoothly in to the area.

contain Avoid soaps chemicals, with the damaged pores and skin. Instead, use veg detergents.
Use sunscreen on your skin layer when you are as heat can get worse a rash. An awesome bathtub when you should keep coming back provide some alleviation, but it may rely upon the sort of rash, some skin area conditions answer better soaked up on the warm water.

Avoid bathing too much because Home Remedies for Rashes they cause dryness of the reason and epidermis flaking and scaling.

Use to keep a gentle moisturizer to soften your skin and protect it from dryness.
Rub moisten a few drops of almond olive oil on the afflicted area of your skin and provided to avoid itching, the allergy is brought on by dry pores and skin.

Try to deal with stress effectively, since it may impact the immunity and make your body susceptible to rashes and other health issues.

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