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Shopping Tips Save A Million Dollars For The Housewife

A housewife is a ‘ Manager ‘ within the family, especially in the Affairs set the various needs of the family. The role of the housewife can not be considered one eye. Therefore, please respect your mother’s difficulties at home in the care of family needs as well as regulating it.

Whether consciously or not, household spending for many affected by the lifestyle of the housewife. How does a housewife in the shopping needs of the family will greatly affect the financial condition of the family.


Housewives need to a bit more creative in regulating shopping so as not to waste occurs. In fact, the homemaker can help in doing family savings so that family savings could more quickly filled.

Well, here’s the frugal shopping tips from for housewives that you can distribute to your mother or you apply it yourself:

1. Make sure the first household shopping destination
It is important to do so that later the goods purchased are not deviated from the destination for shopping. For example, if the shopping destination just for the needs of the kitchen during the week, do not enter any other needs such as bath SOAP or insect repellent in your shopping list.

“Set a goal of spending is the basis of free living waste.”

2. Make a note with the details of the whole shopping needs

After learning the purpose of shopping, the housewife needs to be recorded with details of what he needs to buy. This is useful in order to later purchased items are not deviated from the original shopping destination and also resist the temptation to buy items outside of the shopping list of needs.

“Recorded with details of goods spent also helps in estimating the cost needed for shopping”

3. do not bring too much money
By knowing the approximate cost, the mother can bring money to taste only so as not to be tempted to spend more than necessary. However, do not bring money fit too snugly. Could have been a product like to purchased in-stock runs out so had to purchase alternative products that cost more expensive. Or, it could just be the price of these products has gone up.

“Housewives Should bring extra spending money about 10% of the estimated amount of expenditures for the anticipation of it.”
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4. don’t be lazy to compare the price of goods
As a careful housewife, consider the price of the same product in place of the usual shopping and other places. Whether the prices of the goods in place of the usual shopping turns tend to be more expensive or inexpensive compared to other places?

“Even though cheaper, note whether the quality of foodstuffs or other products also fit expectations or not. Don’t sacrifice quality with lower price a little bit. ”

5. buy in large quantities
Market, shop, supermarket or usually give a cheaper price if shopping the same product in the same amount. If the mother sets the number of clever usage of goods and foodstuffs, household bought in great numbers is more advisable to save on expenses.

“If there’s a discount, and the price of those products do indeed become far cheaper than the price reasonable, buying in large quantities can also be done in a reasonable amount.”

6. always noting the expenditure that had already been done in the cash book of the householdWhen you are finished shopping, don’t forget to immediately record the entire expenditure actual expenditures have been made in the cash book. In this way, the mother so know the estimated cost of the next shopping at once sought to do the saving.

“The cash book can write a real book-shaped, computer data processing in applications such as Excel, or smartphone application note taker expenses.”

7. Frequent up-to date with promo
This might be the most awaited tips. Everyone sure like the promo because it can be used to downsize. Surely as long as the promo were used to meet the needs of the nature of such essential household needs.

Many shops or supermarkets that offer such promo vouchers, discounts, or cash back if a buyer has a credit card. For example, the following example of a supermarket and a store that offers credit card promo.

Suppose household expenditures spending of Rp 1 million per month. With the Citi credit card and shopping at The Food Hall, then in one year value of household shopping you just Rp 10.8 million only. You got a savings Rp 1.2 million. Fair, isn’t it?

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