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Is He the man who will Not Be Blocked on Facebook

One of the biggest social media i.e. Facebook indeed saves many stories that can’t be told in time expires a day only. Social media who already have an active account with 1.8 billion per day is successful making its users spend countless hours just to access Facebook.

Yes, although at this time Facebook was in the spotlight because of “lack of frustrating” to tackle various news hoax circulating among its users, but there is one story that may not be a lot of social media users know this is blue.


Surely you already know the right Block feature that exists on Facebook? Yes, the feature that allows us as users to “eliminate” another account from our view it is indeed useful for those of us who don’t like to someone. Facebook login account open

For example, there is one of your friends who like to spread the word hoax via his Facebook account, sure way other than reporting the post is blocking that account from your Facebook page right?

So the question now is, what if you don’t like the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg with various IE for any reason? Do you want to block it as well? If the answer is Yes, perhaps your efforts will be wasted. Why?

Because it is reported by the Team from Gizmodo, apparently the Facebook account of Zuck was a very special account alias “immortal”. Yes if you want to block Zuck, then Facebook entirely could not block it.

When you do so, then Facebook will give the answer “This profile can not be blocked for now. You can report Pages of profiles if you think they’re doing something that goes against our Community Standards. If you think you’re seeking this by mistake, please let us know, ”

Interestingly, if we try to block his wife from Mark Zuckerberg i.e. Priscilla Chan, then Facebook can do your command. Same is the case when trying to block Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, then IE, Facebook can also keep your request with ease.

So, for example, your friends share postings from Mark Zuckerberg, then inevitably You have to see it because you can’t delete it, block them or even remove them from your Facebook page.

The newest technology advanced comfort would decorate the gadget-electronic gadget that enters the market throughout this year. Artificial intelligence and the main focus so IoT.

Although the new 2017 enters the second week, it is certain that more and more new technological innovations which would present the decorates various gadget on the market of electronic goods, including on smart phones.

Gartner, an information technology research firm, predicts the Artificial Intelligence (AI), artificial intelligence, Machine Learning and Advance would make life more colorful and lively start this year.

Some of the newest technology advanced comfort ready to glide it actually can already die tip on one of the biggest exhibitions in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, which is already underway in Las Vegas, United States, on 5-8 January. Facebook sign up


In a typical report this time, exposes some of the innovations that would enliven the estimated and become new trends all 2017, as well as how communities Indonesia can take it anyway.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to be developed since 1954, when the United States Government tried to make a machine translator. Although the program then experienced a failure–vogue called the ALPAC Report 1964–but since then mankind cannot stop attempting to develop AI.

At this time experts are constantly working to create a computer that has the cognitive function of the human brain. Until later, artificial intelligence allows us to interact directly with a service without electronic devices.

Gartner estimates, later not only Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon is vying to develop artificial intelligence based algorithm. But the artificial intelligence and machine learning (machine learning) will be widely used on robots, virtual personal assistant, and smart cars starting this year.

AI this would be brain surgery devices supporting the everyday human life, such as rental cars, steering nirawak aircraft (drone), up to the robot.

With the help of the AI anyway, gadget-gadget that had been created independently would be interconnected to realize what is often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Application of smart (Intelligent Apps)

Intelligent Apps or clever applications, such as virtual assistants, also can make humans through everyday activities. Estimated at many companies will start using the virtual assistant to take care of their administration systems.

If you are a fan of the comic and movie super heroes, certainly knows the virtual Assistant named Jarvis, who helped Tony Stark/Iron Man in the conduct of its work. Well, clever applications such as Jarvis that’s what dreams are made of.

Not long ago, the founding CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg preaches himself started using a virtual personal assistant that is connected with the gadget and his home. Inspired Iron Man, Zuckerberg named virtual personal assistant that Jarvis.

Jarvis helps Facebook boss it ranging from waking up in the morning, monitor your home, choose a gray shirt typical of Zuckerberg, to cook breakfast for him. In fact, Jarvis also could interact with the daughter of Zuckerberg.

In Indonesia alone, in a simpler form of Jarvis, the application of such virtual assistants have already developed. They are HaloDiana and YesBoss.

The users associated with that application via instant message and both will help them book airline tickets, hotel reservations, ordering food or restaurant, and various other service needs.

However, since last year, as well as HaloDiana already YesBoss’s operations were suspended by the company articles that develop them respectively.

Virtual reality (VR) and (AR)

Currently, the technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) has indeed become the spotlight. This can be seen from a large number of VR applications and games as well as AR that has already been available until the release of Oculus Rift that got a positive reception.

Even you can see the phenomenon one of the gym-based AR, i.e. Pokemon Go, which exploded with over 100 million downloads. A number of circles predict VR and AR will continue to evolve in different sectors in 2017.

VR can be used in training or to know the sense of living in areas difficult to reach. While the AR, combining the real world with the virtual world, the future is widely used for product presentation and visual projects.

The cheaper prices will also increasingly encourage the development of AR and VR.

System of conversations (conversational systems)

In the future, a Chatbot will be more and more adopted. Own Chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation or interactive communication to the user in this case humans through text, sound, and visual.

This Chatbot has been integrated into the mail program such as the Telegram Messenger and Facebook. For example, if you want quick information about current weather conditions, you can start a conversation with the relevant bot and the bot will directly provide weather forecasting information

Google also has its own application conversations, Allo. Same with the chatbot, Google has a digital assistant that is named Google Assistant. Google Assistant capable of outlining all the information milling about on the internet. For example, when you ask the nearest Cafe/restaurant, a developmental history of the city, weather information, to food recipes.

More sophisticated mobile phones

What about cell phones?

Technology on a gadget that was already almost inseparable from the moment human life certainly would increasingly sophisticated.

From a variety of news, whether it’s official or limited new rumors, the manufacturing was ready for the latest device that serves to increase the experience of its use.

There are a few features that were to become a trend on smart phones output 2017, as we describe below:

1. dual Cameras

Double camera deployment is in fact already applied to the gadget-gadget output last year specifically for phone-line flagship premium. The technology of double camera on this phone was first introduced by HTC One M8 since December 2014, but not continued.

Starting 2016, a mobile phone with dual camera popping up again in between Huawei P9 Leica, LG, LG G5 V20, iPhone 7 Plus Xiaomi Mi, and 5s. This technology is predicted will be the mobile phone technology trends 2017.

Huawei even shake-with dual camera phone Honor 6 x on display at the CES 2017.

In addition to the already supported by the presence of the chipmaker supports the technology, a dual-camera will be the new standard of mobile phone photography because it can produce more good than one camera only.

2. Design without ledges

This technology was first introduced by Sharp Aquos Crystal which was introduced three years ago. Samsung followed by Galaxy S6 screen design with a curved edge on the edges and a bestseller.

Not long ago, too, Xiaomi, giant Chinese origin also launched Xiaomi Mi Mix with a larger screen than the form of the bodily be more cool views and of course with the wider screen size, i.e. 6.4 inches.

This trend will be the new standard mobile phone screen display design 2017.

3. a modular mobile phone

Although the fig Project is stopped, but the presence of a modular mobile phone design still will continue. Call it Motorola is planning on bringing a new type of 12 Moto Mods in 2017.

Last year, LG G5 can already upgrade its components such as the battery, camera, and other components.

4. Screen 4 k

In 2016 already there are several mobile phones that comes with Quad HD screen technology (QHD) or who are often also referred to as 2 k display resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels and the density of the screen up to 538 ppi on a screen measuring 5.5 inches.

Some mobile phones are already applying the screen 2 k is the Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy edge S6 S7, Plus One M9, HTC Google Nexus 6 p, Motorola Moto Turbo, LG and LG G4, G5.

In the year 2017, it seems would start popping up phones with screen resolution of 4 k (2160×4096 pixels). Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which will be released the second quarter 2017 is rumored to be using 4 k resolution screen. So quoted Telesis (10/1).

5. RAM memory 8 GB

Initiate 2017, Samsung announced it has created the chip capable of supporting 8 GB of RAM. Reported by Knowyourmobile (9/1), the company also was ready for Hynix SK produces 8 GB RAM chips en masse. The possibility of Galaxy S8 and the iPhone will use the chip 8 and become the first mobile phone with 8 GB of RAM.

Not only is it just 10nm FinFet-based chips supporting 8 GB of RAM this will also be a trend coming, as 2017 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

6. The scanner eye

If in the year 2016, the rise of mobile phones with the features of the scanner the fingerprint sensor, increasingly support a better security system, will be present also the mobile phone with the iris scanner. Galaxy Note 7 had such technology brings, but unfortunately had to be stranded in the middle of the road due to the incident blew up some time ago.

Not the way it works is much different with a fingerprint scanner, but this technology using the iris of the eye. With this facility, the phone will recognize the eyes of their owners to lock and unlock your phone.

Business Today (10/1) mentions, the maker of chips like Qualcomm’s central focus is also to integrate iris scanning at tip latest generation of Snapdragon series 800 and 600.

Development of the IoT in Indonesia

The development of such technology, in this case especially the Internet of Things (IoT), would certainly eclipse in public life in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Heru Sutadi information technology observers see that IoT is also likely to flourish in the country.

“IoT Indonesia currently have started growing and widely used in some services like car tracking, monitor tax on restaurant and parking, as well as used for the smart car. Ahead will be much longer, “said Heru, answering questions by email, Friday (13/1).

“But the challenge is the telecommunications network must be faster than the current, as well as more extensive coverage. With the presence of the smart city, IoT will also increasingly be used. ”

To be able to continue to follow the developments in Indonesia, Executive Director of Information and Communication Technology Institute suggested that this equalization technology is continuously performed.

According to Heru stakeholders should continue to adopt the IoT is not yet mastered, while working to develop the technology itself in the country. Support for research to the application of these technologies on a broader scale, such as in the industry, need to be further encouraged.

“The IoT will be greater than cellular business in the future, local role in this sector is also great. If the current business development mobile we don’t get nothing or small local portion, is expected when enlarged, the IoT business role and contribution of the local will be better and bigger.

Tips for Choosing a Digital Camera

Have a digital camera has become the trend of today’s lifestyles.Currently, almost all the mobile such as mobile phones and tablets already have the facility built-in camera . However, if you are happy to make photos, camera pocket or a pocket camera and a camera a higher class, could be an option. What should be considered when purchasing a camera? So what are the common mistakes made and avoided when buying a camera?


Before You Arrive in Stores

Here are some things to consider before you get to the store to buy a digital camera :

  • Tanya shared endorsements

    Nowadays, most people have a digital camera. Try to gather the information and references from friends, relatives or family members. Ask them what are their advantages and disadvantages of cameras they have to define the brand and type of camera.

  • Determine the type of camera lens

    What is more frequently the object you want to photograph, determine the type of camera. For example, if your object is a natural scenery, then the lens with a wide range of more appropriate.

  • Specify the resolution of the camera

    If you are happy to print your pictures, the size of the printout you want will determine the resolution of the camera you want to buy. If the printout is only about the size of a postcard (postcard) , then the camera with a resolution of 1 megapixel is enough. But if you want to print up to A3 size or larger, choose a camera with a higher megapixel, eg 4 megapixels, 6 megapixels, or even 10 megapixels.

  • Determine the size of the camera

    Today, both the camera pocket or a pocket or professional cameras (eg SLR), has a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose the most convenient and comfortable handheld.

  • Learn the term digital cameras

    Learn about the terms in the specification of a digital camera. You can compare the benefits of various cameras to study the various terms in the specification of the camera.

  • specify the budget

    Determine the budget you want to spend to buy a camera. Once you’ve set, cling to the budget and do not be tempted by more expensive types of cameras.

  • Determine connectivity

    Determine the camera you are purchasing can be attributed to a variety of other electronic devices. For example you need to make sure that the photo data you want to be viewed on a computer or displayed on a television that already has a USB connection.


When You Arrive in Stores

Here are some things to consider when you have arrived at the store to buy a digital camera :

  • Adjust the level of expertise

    Buy a camera that suits your skill level. A common mistake many novice photographer to buy a camera that is too expensive and great ability. Pocket camera or pocket camera or semi-professional camera is sufficient if you are a novice photographer.Once your skills grow, you want to buy a new camera higher and expensive.

  • Try different brands and types

    Try some camera models are available to suit you’ve defined and the most suitable for your needs.

  • Try on a variety of light intensity

    Try these cameras in various lighting levels. Find the best results.

  • compare prices

    Create a price comparison based on the specifications of the camera or the results of your test. Make a note of the brand and model of the camera. If possible, you can search the Internet some price comparisons for the brand and the type of camera you choose. Look for stores with the best price but has a good after-sales service.

  • Make sure the warranty and after-sales service

    Check the warranty before you buy a camera, and asked how the after-sales service you are entitled to get.


Some Common Mistakes when Buying a Camera

Here are some things that become common mistakes when someone buys a digital camera :

  • Not learned the term digital cameras

    You do not learn the jargon that is common in the technical specifications of a camera. By taking time to learn the jargon term or digital camera, such as resolution, lens, focus, zoom, megapixels, and others, you should have a much better about the camera you want to buy. The clerk at the store also will be easier to help you find the right camera.

  • Focusing on the Wrong Specifications

    Someone wanted to buy a camera with a resolution of 10 megapixels, whereas the difference with a resolution of 8.5 megapixels is not too far away, especially for novice photographers. Another example, the ability to zoom the camera. Do not be fooled by high zoom capability, even though it is digital zoom , not optical zoom that the results are much better. Do not spiked in number, but make sure first and you better try and see the results instantly.

  • waste money

    Some novice photographers to waste money to buy an expensive camera, but just to take a photo with techniques that can be performed entirely by a pocket camera.

  • Buying a brand is not well known

    Cameras with famous brands usually have gone through a series of trials. While the brand is not well known, does offer a camera with a cheap price, but the results are far from satisfactory. Try to always buy the brand is already well known.

  • Do not try before you buy

    Another mistake, you buy based on the brochure or technical specifications in writing only. And if you try it once, you can see the results of your photos. Additionally, you can choose the appropriate camera in the palm of your hand, so that all the buttons easily accessible by your fingers and easy to operate.

How to Choose a Reliable On-line Pc Repair Tech Assist Service?

online computer repairA lot of the instances customers attempt to know the necessary points in regards to the matter in order they’ll deem to have. Or even when you’ve got bought, the one putting half is the repairing or the servicing of it. Supposedly, as you might be working on your PC at midnight and it halts, what goes to you do? Are you going to name any technician to inform you the greatest means to restore? Over there, we will counsel you on-line laptop tech support. They only want those who are gifted, consultants and can effort on their system efficiently.

Generally, users are less aware of such things. They just call or take the system to the repair shop. In that case, selecting the net repairing would give a lot of benefits. Customers may even assume that who’s reliable, which ought to be chosen?

Mentioning beneath some necessary elements that may make your selection simple:

  • Certified company: Earlier than choosing anyone for the net support, a consumer should keep an eye that they are licensed or not. Verify their work and see since how long they’re working on this field.
  • The quality of support: You should notice if they are nicely working or not. They should be successful to handle all the software, hardware and such problems. The work they do should be of fine quality and may be able to grip everything.
  • Direct access: The dealing of the corporate have to be direct with the customer as they need to not linger on the work. Because the user asks for any resolution, they should be ready to tell them without saying to wait for a protracted time.
  • Mode of support: For the explanation that errors are unsure, they can come up at any time. Therefore, a user should test the points where they contact the technical team. They must be contacted by a cellphone call, emails together with on-line support. One can easily chat for his or her problem. To get in reach with the staff, tech help number must be there for 24*7.
  • Experienced crew: Do not go along with the one who gives you low-cost deals. Go for the staff that’s qualified and should be successful to inform you any solution. The workforce must be skilled and will have a good buyer base.
  • Offered specialties: With the issues they clear up for you, the effectively-talented workforce should have some specialties. They want to offer you some add-on things that will help you in a better way.

These are a number of the main points which prospects must think of. Contemplate these certainly earlier than you like any of the technical team. There are numerous of the companies offering online laptop tech support for your system.

Make it sure that you are recognized to all of the things beforehand. There are numbers of nice technical teams aiding for all the PC issues and guidance. Whenever a person is in any downside, they can reach them by means of remote help and they will help them with none doubt.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently Through PC and Android

Facebook is a social networking site that since the beginning until now become a social media site No. 1 in the world. User of the site facebook has reached one billion per day.And every day Facebook users continues to grow. Party of facebook itself often innovate and create new features to make people feel comfortable and not get bored.
delete facebook
Social media is not just a course, but Facebook can also be used to play games, Business, Advertising, Making FansPage, promotion, and so forth., integrates directly with facebook instagram so as to allow you to search for new friends or followers via facebook that you have. So, it means that if you have a facebook account, then you can also have instagram account without having to register with an email or something.

Talk facebook problems that have no end, this time I will give you the steps to delete facebook account permanently (Forever). Some Facebook users must have a reason why you want to delete facebook account, may be it is because there are problems on the facebook account as block, account hijacking, defamation, or other issues. Here are the steps you can practice to delete facebook account via laptop or Android.

How to Delete Facebook Account Through PC and Android

You should know that facebook account permanently delete the facebook account can not be returned, whereas if you delete your facebook account facebook account mediocre then irreversibly. So you should really consider deleting Facebook account you have. Here are the steps to delete facebook account that you can follow.
  1. The first step, enter the account Facebook you have.
  2. Then you can go on the account deletion page >> . When signed on that page, you can click the “Delete My Account”.
  3. Then you will be asked to enter the “Password” your facebook and asked to choose“CAPTA” in accordance with the instructions given. For example, you in order to select all the images of flowers, then you should choose the flower image. If you follow all of the instructions already, just click “Ok” only.
  4. Done.
By doing the above steps then automatically, your facebook account has been deleted.Then, Is My facebook account has been deleted permanently? Yet, in the next 15 days you can not access your facebook account you have, so that your facebook account completely erased permanently.

There is option to make video calls in the latest beta of WhatsApp!

whatsapp app

Slowly but surely. Thus we could summarize the progress of updates which is possibly today, a popular mobile applications in the world. WhatsApp many have criticized him, to the point that we must recognize that applications like Telegram, are much better. We think that you despite being the most widely used messaging application, does not know this advantage, but it seems that their developers this gives them equal, them little by little.

If a few days ago they announced version of computer, now it seems that you a features that we have more demand in recent months has already arrived. Video calls to WhatsApp are already here! At least in version beta number 2.16.80 which you can download if we get the same testers.

If we enter a private chat with any of our contacts and give the option to call, now appears a new menu where you can choose between making a voice call or a video call. That Yes, at the moment are not activated because if we give the option, we’ll see how WhatsApp warns us that video calls are not yet available for use.

Even so, it is good sign that WhatsApp be updating and adding new features. We suppose that in the next few days, the users of the beta version will be capable of testing this new feature and hope to be available in the coming weeks for all the users in the version of Google Play.

Video calls represent an advance for WhatsApp, which already not only becomes a written messaging service, but that it also now offers to make voice calls and video calls, getting to the level of applications like Skype or Hangouts and giving a hard blow to the phone operators.

Thus, we can only wait for that video calling will come out officially. The downside is that knowing the WhatsApp guys, probably this update is not official until within a few weeks. For this reason, leaves more profitable and easier to become a tester to test video calls when they are active in the beta version in the next few days.

Acer will present a smartphone for more “gamers” by the end of 2016


In the world of computers, Acer is one of the most popular companies of the moment, since that combines good specifications at very reasonable prices. Although the Taiwanese firm gave leap into the Smartphone market already some time ago, it has not been until recently that it presented its flagship. And it is that Acer focuses rather on the middle and lower range of the spectrum.

The thing would be about to change, since, thanks to DigiTimes, we have learned that the Asian company plans to launch a terminal mainly oriented to the gaming. This would break the pattern to which we have used Acer, and with devices like the Acer Liquid Z530, although interesting for not very demanding people, they are little flashy for the rest of users.

Acer put the batteries in 2016

Last month was a “mess” for those fans of the Taiwanese brand. And it is that Acer introduced a variety of new products, like a Chromebook, the Acer Liquid Zest Plus battery-5000 mAh and various accessories of the Predator series, aimed at the more hardcore gamers. Apparently, the firm is about to take a well deserved break, at least until the third quarter of 2016.

And it is to be in this space of time later where Acer President officially unveiled its first smartphone, the gaming-oriented. According to filtering, the terminal will make use of the Acer cloud services, and will be priced between 500 and 600 dollars. It is worth remembering that last year, the firm unveiled its Acer Predator 6, phone that we still know little.

Apparently, the Predator 6 made use of powerful MediaTek helium X 20 ten cores with 4 GB of RAM and a huge display of 6 inches. The time is not known if it is the same device, although it is unlikely since we saw images of the terminal over the past year.

Although the mysterious gaming smartphone features are not known, the President of Acer Smart Product Business Group division said that Acer is improving various aspects of the terminal, such as software, heat dissipation and the battery life.

Tips Advice From The Professionals On Desktop computer Computers

Computer continue to be a necessary tool for both work related as well as at work. Like lots of people, you more than likely aren’t a PC specialist.

You ought to constantly see to it that you have antivirus software running. You can quickly locate that an infection if you don’t have this software. This software can permit cyberpunks to swipe your personal data.There are a number of programs readily available that can check and also fix your computer consistently.

dekstop computer
If you desktop computer is running sluggish then you can start by doing a boot check. Run the “ms config” from the “beginning” food selection. This menu lets you see exactly what programs all start at the computer system boots. Find applications that you do not make use of a whole lot, as well as make sure they do not load when the computer starts. This will certainly quicken the rate of your computer system speed up.

Very carefully choose your products you use when building a desktop on your own. Some motherboards will not deal with certain processors. Some RAM systems just work with certain motherboard. Make sure your items are compatible.This will trigger much less frustrations if you create your personal computer system.

Step the location where you plan to place your home computer. Home computer have differing dimensions based off of the brands and also sizes. Know specifically what is visiting suit the area you want to put it.

Attempt to pick a desktop computer you can manage that suits your demands while continuing to be affordable. Lots of shop designs that exceed their price range with lots of bonus that they don’t require or use.

Become a guarantee for a brand-new computer.This assists if the software or another thing were to ruin as well as make the computer pointless. You will certainly return to the store to have it repaired.

If you are considering a Mac instead of a Windows desktop computer, but want to use your COMPUTER programs or applications, Parallels for Mac could help. This is software program to run a digital COMPUTER on your Mac. You are able to run whatever COMPUTER program you desire. You will need to buy the os individually.

The system needs to have an excellent video card, high resolution display, as well as a minimum of four gigabytes of memory. You will also get unique controllers and key-boards to increase the experience.

If you need to move large reports, you’ll intend to purchase a desktop that has a DVD optical drive. A normal CD optical drive might not be adequate for your bigger multimedia documents. You will likely need the bigger area that DVD drive. It could set you back a bit more, yet the storage room deserves it.

The world of desktop computers is an ever-changing one, with computer usually less costly than equivalent laptops. You could usually find a reliable desktop for around 400 dollars at numerous shops. Merely make certain that the area you purchase your computer system from has a solid reputation.

Most people know little regarding home computer. After checking out the short article above, you currently understand far more. Take the valuable suggestions here to guarantee that you buy the desktop that is right for you.

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