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Tips to Build Wall Recent Clash of Clans

Wall including the most important part of the defense in the game Clash of Clans hack. Because in addition to its function as a barrier enemy forces as well as the foundation in building a base or strategy. Can dikata wall is the skeleton of a base or formation in this coc game play.

For that to build and develop this wall should not have been in vain. Because of these concerns with the durability of the village or base or formation you when your village is attacked another village. If you are weak or false wall in the compile, you’re going to hit the village address mugged every day.

Do not let it happen!

So here I will share tips on how to build a wall in the game Clash of Clans according to the latest version and my experience.

First I will discuss is how to create a wall Clash of Clans. Why? Because there are still my friends we are still new players do not understand how to build the wall. It can be seen as in the image below.
clash of clans town hall
Next is the tips to build wall Clash of Clans latest version of me that I took from my experience during play this game Clash of Clans. As the saying goes, “learn from experience, because experience is a good teacher” but it would be even better is if we could learn from the experience of others. We will save time and labor-saving because no one stepped up. Even if it’s just a game, but for gamers, the game is his life, the game is true, then it should not be messing around in game play.
If you’re new village, still TH 1, it was good wake up, the whole wall is available. Further

Upgrades continue until the wall level 3

Once the wall has been upgraded until level 3 upgrades wallnya first stop. Then you focus hallnya town upgrade step by step. Why stop first? Because the cost to build the wall higher than the earnings of gold and the elixir of your village. Unless you have lots of money to buy gems.

That pas you’ve upgraded to a town hall level 2, you wake up all the buildings that can be built or available for the town hall built in level 2.¬†After all the building woke up, you upgrade all the buildings except the wall to the top level until mentok can not be upgraded again unless the condition of the town hall had to be upgraded again to level 3.

Well after the building can not be upgraded again, then again you upgrade your town hall was increased to level 3, you get up again all the buildings that can be built, and then you upgrade again until fixed. You’re already stuck hallnya town recently upgraded again to level 4 and so on
After the town hall you are level 7 or 8, you recently upgraded again all you walll straight wall until level 7 or 8 because you already a big village income at town hall level 7 or 8 and also upgrade wall can already use gold as well elixir. If fitting wall to level 6 under the wake wall can only use gold only.

biaya pembuatan wall coc

Total gold and elixir needed to build the wall coc

wall breaker

wall breaker level is required to break down every wall level

Before the upgrade until all the buildings in the town hall mentok you do not upgrade to level 9, because would be hard nyari robbery. Karna village rampokannya on poor-poor. Except if you can naikin thropi until 2000 thropi and leagues cristal (crystal league). But in this league crystal also very kuat2 his village. So if you’re not a strong force, just wrote you only dapet little loot. Okay that was tips to make wall Clash of Clans cheat gems according to the version of my experience.

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