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For anyone planning to go to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) was supposed to know how to choose a tour package. Before you travel to get there, it’s good if you know how to travel comfortably and also once it gets there. The best way to do is to choose a package holiday or package tour available.

This could be the most good and easy to do so later could make it easier for us to vacation. But it’s just that there are many options packages available and we are puzzled with that option, where we’re pretty confused to determine where the packet will we choose.

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Why Should Visiting With Lombok Tour Packages?
Kuta Lombok Tours

One of the first ways that did the best that we have to do is to find out what are the reasons that make us interested to go there. We must know it well until finally we don’t regret to go there. We usually decide to choose going to a tourist attraction including to lombok is because of curiosity. Well, before you know how to select lombok tour package, we should try to do some identification on what we can enjoy and get it on lombok. There does exist a lot of popular tourist sites such as mount rinjani, gili trawangan and others.

What Is The Purpose Of Our Buying Package Tours To Lombok
The next thing we need to do is to find out in advance what purpose we go to Lombok. Although it is indeed our purpose there is mostly for sightseeing, but surely there are some other more specific goals such as a aims to honeymoon, adventure, touring, mountain climbing and more.

This needs to be done next in order for the selected package tours will also be according to what we need. Tour packages that will depend on your goals and all that now are already widely available and stay selected. We just need to prepare budgetnya and do the election one of the most excellent package options.

Know Who’s That Lombok Package Tour Provider

Then, the next thing that is very important for us to do is to browse the package provider who. Indeed there are now many travel services scattered offers a variety of tour packages, one of which is the package offered to tour the Lombok Tourist NTB. We should be wary of in the process of the selection of the provider packages it because this will really relate to ‘ TRUST ‘ and your convenience later on during the holidays.

You are indeed choosing a package with the goal of keeping all later trips there will be on the handle by them. We just need to enjoy the natural beauty of Lombok saj without much thought to the diverse needs and more over there.

Customize and Specify Your choice of Lombok tour packages

The next thing we need to make adjustments with the package – a package that offered a lot. We can adjust to lean on a lot of things is indeed the start of compliance today offered to other details. Will things indeed most and are crucial for financial budget is adjusted which is owned by the price offered by the provider packages it.

We can choose which does comply with the budget that we provide, and if it does not comply with our finances, we select only and search accordingly. Determination of tour packages are indeed aims to find the most appropriate package options we can get from the outcome of the process we do dar how to select a tour package.

Lombok, the Vacation Spots Not Never Boring!

Best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats ,past, maybe people will think twice before holiday to Lombok. In addition to first transport to Lombok was quite difficult, holiday destinations in Lombok are still many who do not know. But all that seems to have changed a lot after the Lombok International Airport is new in Praya. Lombok increasingly ngehits, both among traveler Indonesian and foreign tourists.

Indeed Lombok as one of the largest island in the West Nusa Tenggara Province is known for having beautiful natural scenery, and not too crowded crowded by tourists. In this Lombok, you can not only discover the charm of underwater super beautiful, exotic beaches with fine white sand captivating but you can also find the typical cuisine of Lombok were delicious and scrumptious.


Well, destination holiday destinations in Lombok that this would prove that the island of Lombok is never boring for the visit in Indonesia. No wonder, many people who say that you can see Bali in Lombok, but not to the contrary.

1. Three Gili in Lombok With the Enchantment Under the sea is to Soothe

Indonesia is the country with most reanya ocean, because it is natural that has a wealth of incredible ocean. Three Gili in Lombok is one of many places in Indonesia, which has the charm of the beautiful underwater.

In addition to the surrounding sea water is so crystal clear, underwater life around the three Gili was so awesome. Ranging from various types of marine animals to colorful coral reefs are beautiful. You can enjoy it all with swimming, snorkeling or diving around the three Gili in Lombok. Three dyke earlier is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air.

Three locations in Lombok Gili is easy to reach from Lombok Island, or you can also at the same time stay in Gili Trawangan, the biggest island. Three crossing to Gili in Lombok can of Senggigi, or from the Port Ward.

There already are travel agents who provide services diving or snorkeling tour packages. From Praya Lombok International Airport, you can go to Senggigi which is only 45 minutes by taxi or Damri.

2. Enjoy Fresh Tetebatu Village, The Place Where You Can relax with Maximum!

Lombok not only has the beach, but have a comfortable place that could be used for recreation and relaxation. One is the Village Tetebatu, a picturesque village at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Here, of course, you can get a different experience Lombok dong😀

Imagine the lush green paddy fields, breezy air that gently soothes the skin, and the typical mountain fresh air. In addition people are friendly, and the atmosphere around the still calm, make this village is suitable for you who is still looking for a quiet place, complete with a lovely view.

This Tetebatu villages within 12 kilometers from the city of Mataram. To get to the village, you can use the bus from the main terminal to the Saw Mataram. Arriving at the Market Pauk cut, you can proceed with cidomo, carriage Lombok. After roughly take two kilometers and take less than half an hour you will reach the village Tetebatu.

3. Pura Batu Bolong, the temple in Lombok with the Charming sunsetnya

Although not as much as retreat, it also has a temple Lombok cool lokasina on the waterfront. Pura Batu Bolong is located near Senggigi Beach is indeed cool because sunsetnya charming scenery. This temple is located just opposite the Lombok and Gunung Agung in Bali.

Pura Batu Bolong because it has become one of the best places to see the sunset on Lombok apart on Senggigi Beach. Here you can see the beautiful sun sink slowly to the background silhouette of Pura Batu Bolong. Cool, right?

Location Pura Batu Bolong is located not far from Senggigi, easiest anyway if heading to Pura Batu Bolong by the motor vehicle. Visit this temple towards the sunset, after a long day of snorkeling or diving. Enjoy the sunset while you relax and rest would be nice is not it?

4. Delivery Taste Chicken and Spinach Khlokardashianodom, Special Taste of Lombok

It is no secret that Indonesia has a rich culinary it will taste. Lombok is one of the islands that complements the taste of Indonesia varied it. Distinctive flavor is the most famous chili chicken taliwang. Taliwang chicken specialties are famous chili spicy, unique taste, and so flavorful marinade.

Spicy flavor that permeated the fitting on chicken meat have certainly made the mouth does not stop chewing, the tongue that always sways to sweat profusely. Perhaps also you will stop occasionally for spiciness so turbulent.

If still not spicy, you can also add plecing spinach as side dishes. Undoubtedly, you will get a real taste of spicy Lombok! One serving of kale plecing is customarily consists of braised kale plus tomato sauce made from a concoction of cayenne pepper, salt and tomato paste. Hemm, without noticeably saliva dripping definitely!

Of course, in addition to Chicken Delivery Khlokardashianodom kale and there are still a lot of culinary Lombok unique and delicious. Among others is one bulayak, satay beef with spices typical Sasak, or rice racing desolate. Rice Race Pad is a unique culinary Lombok with rice and vegetables in the form of shredded chicken meat processed with chili, soya beans, sprinkles dried shrimp, shredded and fried eel. The food is also a tasty and can be found in the village Pad, Central Lombok.

5. Selong Belanak Beach, Coastal Asik for Surfing and Relax

Maybe you’re the type of traveler who likes a challenge. Relax, this Lombok has a myriad of challenging destinations. For instance, there Selong Belanak beach in southern Lombok is a favorite place to practice surfing! Yes, surfing with waves suitable for novice surfers to the already professional!

Indeed Selong Belanak Beach has waves that are quieter, than at other beaches in Lombok. Because the beach Selong Belanak make beaches are popular among novice surfers. Besides landscaping is also so beautiful beach with sand as fine as flour.

Shorelines Selong Belanak own approximately one kilometer, the texture of the sand as fine flour, and suasanaanya fun. Here you can also buy fresh fish caught from local residents who work as fishermen.

Selong Belanak beach located in South Lombok, about 60 kilometers from the city of Mataram. You can use public transport to get here, but the easiest way is to use private vehicles. Alternatively, you can stay in the Kuta area which is just a 15-minute drive from the beach Selong Belanak.

Tips and tricks skimp on Gili Trawangan.

  • Once anchored in Gili Trawangan, from a place that says welcome welcome to Gili Trawangan, walk to the left until meeting the dock. In per4an dock it, make a hard right down the village street. There are many inns propriety can even say nice but inexpensive.
  • If nginep in coral voice, down the village road and turn left until the stuck bit. With 100ribu price for 2 people, is already getting breakfast. Kamarnyapun pretty good.Tp of course the price that much after going through bargaining.
  • To eat, we ate at the cafe green. Per4an near the pier. The menu is pricey considering that dipampang, tp we can nanya to food waitress who 10ribuan hell wrote. With 10ribu price we can get chicken or fish vegetable rice.
  • For dinner, the cafe near the green there is such a small field that if the night becomes the center of the food. Calm aja here already soccer jersey are daubed menu price. Jd does not have to be afraid to shoot. Results surveyku heck cheapest java shop. 12 thousand fried rice, nasi use tilapia 15ribu.
  • In the dyke trawangan we also snorkeling. Weve already offer packages that fix, 100ribu without lunch 120 thousand with lunch. With bargain we get a price of 85 thousand, unfortunately we missed because it did not get a life jacket and we had to pay 10 thousands again to buoy it.
  • The point is if in Gili Trawangan gaboleh shame and must dare to bargain. If not want complicated, just follow travel packages chili
  • Next let’s discuss why we need to Gili Trawangan?


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Adan many reasons that require a traveler to visit one of the inland paradise in eastern Indonesia this:

1. Close to three other islands

Gili Trawangan is included in Gili Indah village in West Lombok. The island is flanked by two other dyke, namely Gili Air and Gili Meno. Vacationing in Gili Trawangan, you can also enjoy the beauty of the two other dyke.

Quite by boat about 15 minutes, you can pay a visit to Gili Air and Gili Meno crossed again.Typically, tourists who come to these two dyke, spend time enjoying the underwater world.Admittedly, the underwater nature Air and Gili Meno is not less beautiful as the one on Gili Trawangan.

2. Clean beaches

In addition to sea water is clean and clear, beaches in Gili Trawangan is equally clean.Beach with white sand stretches so wide without garbage scattered about. It is true, all the residents and tourists who come to Gili Trawangan so maintain the cleanliness of the island. So no wonder if the beaches are so clean and sparkling with sand exposed to the sun.

3. Free of pollution and motor vehicle

This is the advantage compared to the other islands of Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. Motor vehicles are strictly forbidden to operate there. In exchange, means of transport used are bicycles and cidomo. Cidomo is a kind of horse-drawn carriages Lombok, NTB.

4. Sunset and Sunrise

Gili Trawangan has a beach facing west and east. The distance between the beach is not too far away. Enough walking or riding cidomo, tourists can enjoy the sunset and sunrise at the island.

Take out your camera and capture every moment in Gili Trawangan. While sitting relaxed on the beach and accompanied by music, singing, and a light breeze, sunset Gili Trawangan feels so romantic. Make sure you enjoy it with relatives or spouses.

5. Natural amazing underwater

No doubt about it, Gili Trawangan, Lombok does have underwater world is very beautiful.The sea water is so clear on this island, with the blue shades of green that adorn the sea.Because the water is so clear you can see fish and coral reefs directly from the ship to sail, without having to dive.

But if you want to enjoy the underwater world more leverage, try to dive. Never miss a chance to meet a clown fish, aka Nemo fish that swim hill. Not only nemo, colorful coral reefs could also meet there. Calm sea currents add to the enjoyment of diving in Gili Trawangan. In conclusion, the underwater world Gili Trawangan was remarkable.

6. Community Friendly

In addition to underwater natural clean, one of the attractions Gili Trawangan is a friendly and welcoming people. If you do not believe, try surrounding Gili Trawangan on foot, you will be greeted kindly by every resident who happened to cross paths. You also do not need to fear getting lost, because people certainly help you find your way home.

7. The nightlife in Central

Well, here’s the evening activities that you should not miss while in Gili Trawangan, enjoy the nightlife in Central. Lined bar and frenetic music ready to juggle your night into a festive Gili Trawangan.

Central or commonly called the art market in Gili Trawangan, began crowded at dusk and the sun was ready to return to the contest. The art market in Gili Trawangan is shaped like a large street-facing Central Coast Gili Trawangan with kiosks and bars on either side. The most fun time to come to Central is night around 21:00 pm. At that time, all the bars and shops along the art market is already open.

8. The accommodation is adequate

No need to fear about accommodation. Gili Trawangan is already met by the resort range that can be tailored to your budget. Ranging from cheap accommodation to backpackers to five star resorts here. Stay adjust the budget, and enjoy an overnight stay in Gili Trawangan.

Natural Beauty Underwater Gili Kondo

Nothing wrong if Lombok is also known as Thousand Island Gili. Rows of small islands surround the exotic West Nusa Tenggara. One of the small islands in Lombok with captivating underwater scenery is Gili Kondo .

Gili Kondo is located in the region of East Lombok, about three hours drive from Mataram, continued to cross by boat for approximately 25 minutes. Its location is relatively far from Mataram and Senggigi tourist area makes the island is not as busy as Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air.

gili kondo

But the beauty of the beach and underwater, Gili Kondo no less fascinating than the other bund more popular in the West and North Lombok. Around the island is not too big also allows you to island hopping island is within one to two hours.


The best period for traveling to Gili Kondo is in the summer or mid-year. The waters around Gili Kondo is not too deep, the water was clear, clean, and the waves were calm.

When the tide is low, you can even cross over to the island of Gili Bidara only by foot, without the need to swim. Gili Bidara itself is about 500 meters from the east coast Gili Kondo.

Shallow waters and relatively calm surf makes the beach around Gili Kondo as snorkeling spot with a beautiful underwater scenery. B’timers will encounter hordes of docile fish, colorful coral reefs, sea turtles, and nemo. What is unique, here are a few black nemo, clownfish or a kind of clown fish with a darker hue.

To enjoy the sunset, you can move from snorkeling spot towards the beach on the west side of the island is flat and sandy white. The sun moving down behind the mountains Rinjani became the scene of an afternoon in Gili Kondo.

Want to spend the night in this exotic island? There are several wooden houses or gazebo -the Lombok call berugaq and there is a camping area that wants to set up a tent. If you’re hungry, there is a shop in the center of the island that provides a variety of food and beverages.

Gili Kondo quiet and peaceful it makes you feel like on a private island. The perfect place to retreat from the crowds, enjoy the beautiful beaches and underwater chili with your best friend or spouse.

How to get there

Gili Kondo is located in East Lombok. How to reach this island is to rent a car from Mataram to travel about three hours. Arriving at the Port Padak Juar, proceed with motorboat crossing for approximately 25 minutes.

10 Beach Tourism in Indonesia Beautiful, You Had To Here

Natural Beauty of Indonesia known to foreign countries. A country that has many islands make Indonesia the state has a lot of potential for marine tourism. In Indonesia, almost every tourist area has beautiful beaches.

beach beautiful

For those of you who are still confused and bali to gili trawangan do not know the various tourist loveliest beaches in Indonesia, the right choice to visit this article. Karna travel 10 beautiful beaches in Indonesia will be discussed thoroughly and completely here. Here’s his review.

1. Beach Tourism in Malang

Travel beaches in the famous unfortunate Sempu Island Beach. This beach is located in the south district of Malang, this beach is also commonly called the Segara Chicks, this island is in the conservation area nature reserve, the beach is usually made in a camping spot for the traveler. The atmosphere is quiet and still making the traveler a lot to come to this place.


2. Tourism Turkish Jogja 

Travel beaches in Jogja most famous is jogan Beach. Waterfall falling into the sea mouth is not the plural there. Hidden behind the karst hills, the southern coast of Gunung Kidul in Yogyakarta appeared to save the waterfall that falls directly into the sea mouth. An irresistible charm. Come the rainy season, surely we will be able to enjoy this waterfall curtain.


3. East Java Beach Tourism

Travel east Java coast’s most beautiful and famous are Kedung Tumpang Beach. This beach was ngehits some time ago. Not because the soft white sand that makes Turkish Kedung Overlapping discussed by many people. The existence of large holes on the stone make up that make this beach became a byword. The holes are filled with sea water away by the waves so as if it looks like a pool formed by natural processes. Beautiful

Lots of traveler who finally visited for a swim in the natural pools or just sit on the rock of the sea while enjoying the beauty of the Lord in the land of copyright results Tulungagung


4. Travel Pacitan Beach

In Pacitan famous beach tourism is Klayar Beach Pacitan.  Klayar Beach is located in District Donorojo, located about 40 km from the town of Pacitan. You can reach this beach in approximately 60 minutes travel time.

Klayar beach has white sand, rocks resembling the Sphinx, rock holes, flutes sea, and the fountains of natural height of 10 meters. Former President and family had vacationed at the beach a few weeks ago as of this writing.


5. Beach Tourism West Java

The famous beach resort in West Java is the island’s coast Peucang. As well as the one-horned rhino, in Ujung Kulon National Park also has a very beautiful beach and charming, exactly the beaches on the island Peucang. Some tourists also found this beach is the most beautiful beach in West Java.


6. Sawarna Beach Tourism

Sawarna beach is a beach Banten still clean and has not been exposed to various pollution of various pollutants. Which makes Turkish Sawarna become more beautiful due to the combination of beautiful scenery of green trees of tropical forests with white sand and crystal clear water and views directly overlooking the Indian Ocean. Long lips Sawarna Beach about 65 km. You can walk around and look for the right spot or area to be able to capture the various sights in Turkish Sawarna.

To be able to get to the beach Sawarna it is rather difficult because the means leading to the beach is very minimal and the circumstances under which a winding road and the asphalt was still broken. The following routes that you can travel to beach destinations Sawarna which began early in Jakarta.



7. Travel Carita Beach

Carita Beach antai located in Banten province is one of the most famous beach in Banten. The charm of a brownish white sand along three kilometers, making it so enchanting keindahna beach for the tourists.

The easy access of the city, making this beach into a favorite tourist destination when the weekend arrives. Located on the edge of Jalan Raya Carita Labuan which became the main route to visit the sights of interest such as Ujung Kulon in Banten, Tanjung Dimples, and Pulau Umang. Wherever a tourist destination, you will pass Carita Beach if to a tourist attraction.


8. Beach Tourism Banyuwangi

Travel beaches famous banyuwangi is Green Bay “Green Bay”. In Green Bay, you will feel the fresh air of the beach mixed with air tropical forest jungle Meru National Park. From the city of Banyuwangi, a trip of about 3-4 hours.

The trip to Green Bay is quite tiring, but you will witness the enthralling sea panorama. You know, this bay is a tourist place in Banyuwangi were still maintained its purity, yet many tourists who come to this place. This is the appeal of alluring that you can find.


9. The Beach Tourism in Blitar

Travel the famous beach in Blitar is Pangi Beach. Pangi beach is suitable for use as a camping ground.Where we can easily get clean water. In addition on one side there is also a river with very clear water.Besides the beach is often used for activities like social service nature lovers. If you want to stay on this beach, you must clean up what you bring. So that the cleanliness and beauty of this beach is maintained

Although the location is not far from the beach Tambak Rejo, but pangi beach is arguably still very quiet and still really clean. The beach is located not far from the location of the cave embultuk gives the sensation of deserted beaches and clean. In addition, to enter the beach is not charged levies as if you are visiting the beach Tambakrejo.


10. Bali Kuta Beach Tourism

Attractions Kuta Bali, known for its beautiful white sand beaches, panorama at sunset, the waves for surfing attraction / surfing, the hospitality of its people, adding to the lure for domestic and foreign tourists to keep coming to this region. Kuta is located in the District of North Kuta, Badung, precisely South coastal area, about 12 km from Denpasar. The beach is such an icon of tourism in Bali, can be said to be a top beach on the island and become the most favorite tourism destination.

Coastline beautiful that allows a variety of activities can be carried out by tourists, such as in the morning we can stroll on the soft white sand that stretches from south to north while enjoying the morning air treasury beach and waves, in the afternoon is usually a lot of foreign tourists coming for sunbathing, and this is indeed very enthused by all the guests especially guests from abroad, because in the afternoon into a beautiful moment see the sun sinking sensation, all the advantages possessed by this beach makes it a legend so it is always discussed.

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